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Telesys released a number of creative games for the 2600, but never quite became the success they had hoped. A few of their titles were not widely distributed and have become collectible today. They released many of their games in two styles - a standard rectangular case, and a case with a small "handle" on the end. Additionally, a few of their standard case games came in both color and black and white variations.

View Catalogs Produced By Telesys

SystemTitle LabelModel #YearRarity TV CartManBoxROMShot
CoconutsColor Handle1001
CoconutsColor Standard1001
Cosmic CreepsColor Handle1002
Cosmic CreepsColor Standard1002
Demolition HerbyColor Handle1006
Demolition HerbyB&W Standard1006
Fast FoodColor Handle1003
Fast FoodColor Standard1003
Ram ItColor Handle1004
Ram ItB&W Standard1004
StargunnerColor Handle1005 
StargunnerB&W Standard1005