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Founded in 1931, Zellers is a Canadian discount department store that sold Atari games in the 1980's. All their games were knock-offs manufactured in Taiwan and sold without license from Atari. Packaging was very plain, with a simple red box featuring some unusual artwork, the title of the game, and the words "2600 Compatible" in large white letters. The only thing to indicate their origin was the name 'Zellers' in small letter in the price square on the top right corner of the box. All the Zellers games were existing Atari 2600 games given new names and packaging - Radar is Cruise Missile, Busy Police is Keystone Kapers, although some titles had slightly altered graphics. The cartridge labels themselves are also different with a very simple end label and the same artwork that is found on the box. Atari eventually put a stop to this and Zellers quit selling 2600 games. These games were only sold in Canada, and therefore they are quite hard to find in the US but not too difficult to locate in Canada. While the cartridges themselves are not as rare as they were traditionally thought, boxed Zellers games are quite hard to find. Since there are no Zellers catalogs, it is not entirely certain what their full lineup of games was, and historically many more games have been attributed to them than we include here at AtariAge. If you have evidence of any other Zellers games that we do not have listed, please contact us (box scan preferred). Today you can find Zellers at
SystemTitle LabelModel #YearRarity TV CartManBoxROMShot
Busy PoliceStandard   
Dragon TreasureStandard 
Earth AttackStandard  
Farmer DanStandard  
Inca GoldStandard   
Laser VolleyStandard  
Ocean City DefenderStandard 
Scuba DiverStandard  
Sea HawkStandard  
Space AdventureStandard   
Time WarpStandard