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Panda entered the 2600 in 1984 and were soon forgotten. Their games were very bad, and usually rip-offs of existing titles. Dice Puzzle and Scuba Diver were original titles, but they were just as bad as the others. Some Panda games were later released under the Froggo and Sancho labels. Panda cartridges came in two styles - one had a simple end label and nothing else, the other had a full (albeit simple) label and end label. Panda games are difficult to find today, especially boxed or with nice labels. It is much easier to find the Froggo or Sancho versions.
SystemTitle LabelModel #YearRarity TV CartManBoxROMShot
Dice PuzzleEnd Label Only106
ExocetEnd Label Only109
Harbor EscapeWraparound Label110
Scuba DiverEnd Label Only104
Sea HawkEnd Label Only108 
Space CanyonWraparound Label100 
StuntmanEnd Label Only105 
Tank BrigadeWraparound Label101