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20th Century Fox

Fox Video Games was a subsidiary of Twentieth Century Fox, and was an attempt by the company to cash in on the lucrative videogame market. Their first games were licensed from Sirius, but most of their subsequent games were based on Fox TV and movie licenses. They even released a handful of original games such as Crash Dive and Bank Heist. Today, Twentieth Century Fox publishes games under the Fox Interactive label, developing for the PC and modern game consoles.

View Catalogs Produced By 20th Century Fox

SystemTitle LabelModel #YearRarity TV CartManBoxROMShot
Alligator People   Manual iconBox icon
Bank HeistStandard11012
Beany BopperRed Sirius11002
Crash DiveStandard11031
Crypts of ChaosStandard11009
Deadly DuckRed Sirius11004