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XYPE is a loose organization of Atari 2600 homebrew programmers who decided to join together to present a single group for high-quality homebrew titles. XYPE presently includes Piero Cavina, Andrew Davie, Thomas Jentzsch, Manuel Polik, Paul Slocum, and Christopher Tumber.
SystemTitleLabelModel #YearRarity TV Cart ManBoxROMShot
Gunfight  2001 Manual iconBox icon
Jammed  2001 Box icon
Thrust  2000 Box icon
Climber 5  2004 Box icon
Marble Craze  2002
Oystron   Box icon
Qb  2001 Box icon
Seawolf  2004 Box icon
Space Instigators  2002 
Star Fire  2003Box icon
Thrust+ DC Edition  2002
Thrust+ Platinum  2003