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XYPE is a loose organization of Atari 2600 homebrew programmers who decided to join together to present a single group for high-quality homebrew titles. XYPE presently includes Piero Cavina, Andrew Davie, Thomas Jentzsch, Manuel Polik, Paul Slocum, and Christopher Tumber.
SystemTitleLabelModel #YearRarity TV CartMan BoxROMShot
Climber 5  2004 Box icon
Gunfight  2001 Manual iconBox icon
Jammed  2001 Box icon
Oystron   Box icon
Qb  2001 Box icon
Seawolf  2004 Box icon
Space Instigators  2002 
Star Fire  2003Box icon
Thrust  2000 Box icon
Thrust+ Platinum  2003 
Marble Craze  2002
Thrust+ DC Edition  2002