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Parker Brothers

Parker Brothers, the established creator of numerous board games, entered the videogame market in 1982. What made their entry different was the fact that they were an established company as opposed to a software start-up. Their initial offerings were Frogger and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Both were hugely successful, and Frogger is still regarded as one of the all-time classics for the 2600. Overall, the quality of their software was quite good, and includes some other classics such as Gyruss and Montezuma's Revenge. Parker Brothers was also one of the largest third-party supporters of the 5200. Today, they are a subsidiary of Hasbro, who recently formed a deal with Infogrames to publish games based on Atari licenses.

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System View:

SystemTitleLabelModel #YearRarity  TV CartManBoxROMShot
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackStandardPB5050
G.I. Joe - Cobra StrikeGrayPB5920
Sky SkipperStandardPB5350
Star Wars: Jedi ArenaStandardPB5000
Super CobraStandardPB5320
Action ForceStandard931511 
G.I. Joe - Cobra StrikeStandardPB5920
Star Wars: Death Star BattleStandardPB5060
Strawberry Shortcake Musical MatchupsStandardPB5910
Montezuma's RevengeStandardPB5760
Star Wars: The Arcade GameStandardPB5540
Frogger II: Threeedeep!StandardPB5590
James Bond 007StandardPB5110
Mr. Do!'s CastleStandardPB5820
Q*bert's QubesStandardPB5550
Care Bears  1983 Manual iconBox icon
Lord of the Rings: Journey to Rivendell  Manual icon
McDonald's  Manual iconBox icon
Star Wars: Ewok Adventure   Manual iconBox icon 
Star Wars: Ewok Adventure   Manual iconBox icon