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The big daddy of classic videogame companies. Atari had the first mass-market programmable videogame console with the Atari 2600. They produced hundreds of games for dozens of console and computer systems. Unfortunately, Atari home videogames is dead as a company today, and exists solely as a series of properties owned by Hasbro and Infogrames.

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System View:

SystemTitleLabelModel # YearRarity TV CartManBoxROMShot
Diagnostic Cartridge FDS100144  Box icon
Last Starfighter, The CX5260 Manual iconBox icon
Track and Field CX5258 Manual iconBox icon
GremlinsSilver 2CX52571986
Final Legacy CX5256 Manual iconBox icon
BallblazerSilver 2 - Name not on labelCX52551986
Rescue on FractalusSilver 2 - Name not on labelCX52541986
Choplifter!Silver 2CX52531984
Super Pac-Man CX5252 Manual iconBox icon
Jr. Pac-Man CX5251 Box icon
Millipede CX5248 Manual iconBox icon
Mario Bros.Silver 2CX52471983
Xevious CX5246 Manual iconBox icon
Ms. Pac-ManSilver 2CX52431983
Roadrunner CX5242 Manual iconBox icon
Moon PatrolSilver 2CX52411983
JoustSilver 2CX52401983
Battlezone CX5239 Manual iconBox icon
Sport Goofy CX5237 Manual iconBox icon
PengoSilver 2CX52361983
Space DungeonSilver 2CX52321983
Miniature Golf CX5230 Manual iconBox icon
KangarooSilver 2CX52291983
Robotron: 2084Silver 2CX52251983
Jungle HuntSilver 2CX52221983
BerzerkSilver 2CX52211983
Tempest CX5220Manual iconBox icon
Stargate CX5219 Manual iconBox icon
DefenderSilver 1CX52181982
Pole PositionSilver 2CX52171983
VanguardSilver 2CX52161983
CentipedeSilver 1CX52151982
Realsports TennisSilver 1CX52141986
Realsports SoccerSilver 1CX52131982
QixSilver 1CX52131982
Dig DugSilver 2CX52111983
CountermeasureSilver 1CX52101982
Realsports BaseballSilver 1CX52091983
Pac-ManSilver 1CX52081982
Realsports FootballSilver 1 - "Football"CX52071982
GalaxianSilver 1CX52061982
Star RaidersSilver 1CX52051982
Space InvadersSilver 1CX52041982
Super BreakoutSilver 1CX52031982
Missile CommandSilver 1CX52021982
Asteroids CX5201 Manual iconBox icon
Yellow Submarine   Manual iconBox icon
Xari Arena   Box icon
Spitfire   Manual iconBox icon
Realsports Basketball  1982 Box icon
Realsports Basketball   Manual iconBox icon
Pete's Test Cartridge    Box icon
Micro-gammon SB   Manual iconBox icon
Meebzork   Manual iconBox icon
Looney Toons Hotel   Manual iconBox icon
Frisky Tom   Manual iconBox icon
Boogie Demo   Manual iconBox icon
Blaster  1984Manual iconBox icon
Black Belt   Manual iconBox icon
Barroom Baseball   Manual iconBox icon
A.E.   Manual iconBox icon
5200 Menu  1983 Manual iconBox icon