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Telegames is an online and direct mail retailer of video game hardware and software with US headquarters based in Texas. They also have a sister operation located in England, and they have been in business worldwide since 1979. Telegames used to carry a wide variety of games for classic game systems, but in September 2004 they ceased support of all "classic" and "orphaned" video game systems. They do still carry games they published for the Atari Lynx and Jaguar systems, however. In some cases, Telegames repackaged classic games under their own brand name (there are many examples of this for the 2600). You can visit their website at

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System View:

SystemTitle Cart StyleModel #YearRarityCartManBoxROMShot
Bubble TroubleGreen PCB 2LX2161994 
Desert StrikeCurved LipL0711993 
Double DragonCurved LipL0701993  
European Soccer ChallengeCurved LipLX1061993 
Fat Bobby    
Fidelity Ultimate Chess ChallengeCurved LipLX1011991 
HyperdromeGreen PCB 2 1999  
Krazy Ace Miniature Golf L2041993 
QixCurved LipLX1021991 
Raiden  1997     
Super Off-RoadCurved LipLX1051993