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Songbird Productions

Songbird Productions, headed by Carl Forhan, was founded in 1999 to develop and publish games for all Atari consoles. To date, Songbird has released several games on the Jaguar and Lynx. Songbird's titles can be ordered online from their website, located at

System View:

SystemTitleCart StyleModel #Year RarityCartManBoxROMShot
MegaPak 1Black PCBCF20102008   
LoopzBlack PCBCF20092004   
Cyber VirusBlack PCBCF20072002  
CGE 5thBlack PCBCF30B22002    
Cyber Virus: CinciClassic EditionBlack PCBCF20B12001 
RemnantBlack PCBCF20052000 
Championship RallyBlack PCBCF20062000 
PonxGreen PCB 3CF20021999 
LexisGreen PCB 3CF20031999 
Crystal Mines II: Buried TreasureBlack PCBCF20081999  
SFXBlack PCBCF20011998