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CBS Electronics

CBS Video joined the list of 2600 publishers in 1982 and began by licensing high profile arcade games from companies such as Bally (Wizard of Wor, Gorf). They also introduced RAM+, an additional chip for Atari 2600 games that increased the RAM of the 2600. This technology was used in Mountain King, and received rave reviews from fans and critics. CBS was one of the better publishers during this time, but they too fell victim to the videogame crash and ceased publication in 1984.

System View:

SystemTitleLabelModel #YearRarity TV Cart ManBoxROMShot
ZaxxonUK White     
Wizard of WorUK Color     
Wizard of WorStandard80000
Wizard of WorGerman Color     
VentureGerman Color     
Tunnel RunnerStandard80070
Solar FoxUK White     
Solar FoxUK Color     
Solar FoxStandard80020
SmurfUK White     
SmurfUK Color     
SmurfGerman Color     
Roc 'N RopeUK White     
Omega RaceStandard80090
Mr. Do!UK White     
Mr. Do!UK Color     
Mouse TrapUK White     
Mouse TrapUK Color     
Mountain KingStandard80080
GorfUK Black     
GorfGerman Color     
Donkey KongUK White     
Donkey KongUK Color     
CarnivalUK Color     
CarnivalGerman Color     
BlueprintGerman Color     
Wings    Box icon
Targ    Box icon