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Founded in 1987 by ex-Digital Solutions co-founder David Foster, ReadySoft was based in Ontario Canada and published software for a variety of platforms. In late 1988 they acquired the rights to Dragon's Lair from Don Bluth Studios and published a conversion for the Amiga. A huge hit, ReadySoft went on to sell over 1,000,000 units of Dragon's Lair on various platforms over the years. In 1996, Foster sold ReadySoft to Malofilm (later Behaviour), and then was involved with the formation of Digital Leisure in 1997. Digital Leisure then acquired the rights to the Dragon's Lair franchise and continues to publish titles on modern platforms today. Digital Leisure can be found at

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SystemTitle Cart StyleModel #YearRarityCartManBoxShot
BrainDead 13 350281996
Dragon's Lair 350031995
Space Ace 350081996