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AtariAge is an advertisement free web site. We run this site on our own time out of our own pockets because we love Atari (no kidding). We hope you enjoy the site.

We certainly don't expect anything in return - after all we are part of a community, not looking to get rich (hah!). However, if you feel so inclined to support AtariAge in some manner, we gladly provide the following options:

  • Buy something from the AtariAge Store. You get something, we get something, everybody wins.
  • Promote AtariAge by linking to us. Not directly to our images please, but feel free to link directly to any pages on the site.
  • Contribute information or scans to our database.
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Well, that's about it. We also wanted to say thanks to all the wonderful people that have contributed to the site over the years. You make it all worthwhile.