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Titles in Development

If you don't follow the homebrew scene for classic gaming systems, you'll be pleased to learn that hobbyists are hard at work creating new titles for your favorite systems. The most popular system that homebrew programmers target is the Atari 2600, but many other systems get attention as well, such as the 5200, 7800, Lynx, Jaguar, ColecoVision, and Vectrex. This page tracks games currently in development for classic Atari systems so that you can easily follow their progress and make a wish list of games you hope to play in completed form.

For each game we include screenshots, some general information about the game, who's creating it, and a link to an official development website if one exists. The development of many games is also discussed in our forums, which is an excellent way to give authors feedback while a game's development progresses. If you are a developer working on a game that is not listed here, please contact us.

For more information, click on a game's title.

SystemTitleAuthor Release Date
Robot CityThomas JentzschTBA
LoopCartPaul SlocumJanuary 2005
Dark GuardianOMC GamesTBA
FroggerMatthias LuedtkeTBA
ReversiMatthias Domin, Duranik, Nils FeskeTBA
Clicks!Matthias DominTBA
Colony 7Manuel RotschkarTBA
Chronicles of AirataMaciej KozlowskiTBA
ReflexLee FastenauTBA
Star Alliance - Battle for EarthLars HannigTBA
JagWormLars HannigTBA
EerievaleLars HannigTBA
SwordQuest AirworldKen Van Mersbergen (aka "Dutchman")TBA
Q*bertKen SidersTBA
Radial PongJeffry Johnston (aka "Calamari")TBA
Calamari's SolitaireJeffry Johnston (aka "Calamari")TBA
Senso 7800 DXHeaven of the Atari Demo Group TaquartTBA
Death DerbyGlenn Saunders and Thomas JentzschTBA
Legion Force JidaiFORCE DesignTBA
Gp Earth GOD's TroopersFORCE DesignTBA
Bounce!Fabrizio ZavagliTBA
BreakEric Ruck2003
SpacewarEric BallTBA
LeprechaunEric BallTBA
Master Mind DeluxeCye Freeman2004 Mini Game Comp
Fade OutChristopher Tumber and Adam TierneyTBA
Atari 800/XL/XESpace HarrierChris HuttTBA
CiEBruce-Robert Pocock and Jason D. "MayDay"Fall 2006
TubesBruce TomlinTBA
UtopiaBrian GreenTBA
Master of ArcturusBill Collins (aka "TROGDOR")TBA
Incoming!Ben LarsonTBA
Atari 800/XL/XEMaxwordsAnthony BufortTBA
Laseresal 2002Andrew WallaceTBA
Man Goes DownAlex HerbertSoon!
Eric Bergstrom's KC-135Aaron BergstromTBA