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Title: Maxwords
System: Atari 800/XL/XE
Author: Anthony Bufort
Release Date: TBA
Description: Anthony Bufort is developing a game called "Maxwords", similar to the popular word game Scrabble but with distinct rules and features, for Atari 8-bit computers. This will be a full-featured version, including a (limited) dictionary. Anthony hopes to make available an option to interface to a PC for those who have an SIO2PC cable. This would allow the dictionary to be extended to a capacity near that found on the PC versions of similar word games. One and two player games will be supported, with a computer opponent wielding varying degrees of AI. Anthony's writing maxwords using BASIC and Machine Language and plans to compile the final version using Datasoft's Atari BASIC compiler.

This initial screenshot shows early progress of the game. The finished interface will be further streamlined and the game will feature additional high-res (graphics mode 8) graphics, such as a bag-shuffling animation. Anthony plans on making Maxwords available for free once it is completed, and hopes to make cartridges available for a fairly low cost. The game is around 30% complete now, and plans are to finish it whenever he has a chance.
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