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Title: Robot City
System: Atari 2600
Author: Thomas Jentzsch
Release Date: TBA
Download ROM:
Description: Thomas Jentzsch, author of Thrust for the Atari 2600, has started work on a new 2600 game called Robot City. Robot City is an 8K unreleased prototype on the Odyssey 2, and Thomas has thus far managed to squeeze it into 2K on the 2600. The premise of the game is very simple: You're a helicopter in a maze filled with tanks trying to kill you. Of course, you must kill them first with your gun. But the tanks have a shield and can only be disabled when hit in the rear where they are unprotected. Development is continuing rapidly, and this latest version (0.21) has several new features over the earlier version we posted. Improvements and changes include:

  • Built-in maze generator
  • Wall density can be changed with left difficulty
  • Improved fuel display
  • Hitting tanks from the back is more tolerant
  • Larger tank missiles
  • Some minor bugfixes

    Thomas is looking for feedback so he can improve the game as he continues to develop it, so please visit our Atari 2600 Forum where you can leave your comments.

    If you'd like to download previous versions, you can grab them below:

  • Robot City: Version 0.21 (current version)
  • Robot City: Version 0.18
  • Robot City: Version 0.12

    Robot City Screenshot
    Robot City Screenshot
    Robot City Screenshot
    Robot City Screenshot
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