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Title: Incoming!
System: Atari 2600
Author: Ben Larson
Website: Incoming! Home Page
Release Date: TBA
Download ROM:
Description: Incoming! is a Sabotage style game in which two opponents shell each other with cannons over a variety of terrains. Some of the features of Incoming! include:

  • Full 160 x 192 resolution (not half height 160 x 96 resolution, as in Artillery Duel)
  • One player (vs. the computer) and two player modes
  • Varying levels of computer difficulty in one player mode
  • Randomly generated, asymmetrical playfield terrain and random starting positions - never the same game twice!
  • Vector based velocity-acceleration-gravity physics model
  • Proximity damage caused by near-miss explosions (a la Scorched Earth) and player health meters
  • Terrain damage

    Incoming! Screenshot
    Incoming! Screenshot
    Incoming! Screenshot
    Incoming! Screenshot
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