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Title: Eric Bergstrom's KC-135
System: Atari 2600
Author: Aaron Bergstrom
Website: Eric Bergstrom's KC-135 Development Page
Release Date: TBA
Description: You are a pilot of a KC-135 refueling plane assigned to refuel allied aircraft in some fictitious war. Your aircraft will be maneuverable in all four directions, though the plane will stay centered in the playfield. A "top-secret" particle beam satellite will be tasked to defend your aircraft as you will frequently encounter enemy Anti-aircraft equipped submarines, enemy fighters, and land-based anti-aircraft batteries. Each mission will require the player to rendezvous with a designated aircraft for refueling, after which, the player must navigate his/her KC-135 back to it's point of departure. The particle beam satellite can shoot a laser at any object in the playfield and is aim through the use of joystick controlled crosshairs.

The game will have a one and two player mode. One player mode will require the user to control both the KC-135 and the satellite. Two player mode will have player one controlling the KC-135 and player two controlling the satellite.

Eric Bergstrom is the brother of Aaron Bergstrom - the game's concept developer. Eric was an avid classic gamer. He especially loved River Raid. He joined the Air Force in 1991, and eventually became a KC-135 pilot. Eric tragically passed away on active duty at the age of 31 in the spring of 2000 from leukemia. He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. EB-KC135 is being developed by Aaron Bergstrom, Justin Hawley, Eric's fellow KC-135 airmen, and Eric's life-long friends.


Eric Bergstrom's KC-135 Screenshot
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