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Title: Master of Arcturus
System: Atari 2600
Author: Bill Collins (aka "TROGDOR")
Release Date: TBA
Description: Master of Arcturus is a real-time space strategy game. In this game you explore distant worlds, use industry to construct assault fleets, and deploy your ships to attack and conquer alien worlds. But watch out! The Alien Overlord is amassing his own assault fleets. You must strike a delicate balance between aggression and defense. Carefully timing your attacks against the enemy will mean the difference between victory and defeat.

  • First real-time space strategy game for the Atari 2600.
  • Combines graphical star field display with 12 character text display.
  • Single player game against the computer AI.
  • Uses 1 joystick controller.
  • 65 difficulty levels.
  • Compatible with an unmodified Starpath Supercharger for playing on original hardware.
  • 4K ROM.
  • 7 Easter egg messages. Collect them all.
You can download the game and instructions from the 2004 Minigame Competition site here.

Master of Arcturus Screenshot
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