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Title: Clicks!
System: Atari Jaguar
Author: Matthias Domin
Website: Clicks! Development Page
Release Date: TBA
Description: Clicks! is a new puzzle-game for the Atari Jaguar being developed by Matthias Domin. Based on the SameGame concept, the purpose of the game is to clear a playfield of 100 coloured tiles. Clicks! will be released as an encrypted Jaguar CD and will sport the following features:
  • Practice and Level-modes
  • Several "desktop themes"
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Demo-scripts explaining the game
  • Settings and HiScores are stored on MemoryTrack-cartridges
  • Cinepak-movie at start-up
  • BJL-loader, allowing to upload RAM-based programs from PCs using a special cable (not included).

Clicks! Screenshot
Clicks! Screenshot
Clicks! Screenshot
Clicks! Screenshot
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