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Title: LoopCart
System: Atari 2600
Author: Paul Slocum
Website: LoopCart Project Page
Release Date: January 2005
Description: Paul Slocum, developer of the popular Synthcart music cartridge for the 2600, is now developing a new music program titled LoopCart. The LoopCart is a mini-tracker that lets you compose short looped music sequences on the Atari 2600, and will ultimately allow you to use the new AtariVox to save your sequences so you can easily access them later. The LoopCart, which should be available in January, will sport the following features:
  • 8 Measure Loop Sequencer
  • Can generate just about any Atari sound
  • "High Hat" Rhythm Module
  • Save/Load your loops w/the AtariVox
  • Some support for the AtariVox Speech Chip
  • Tuning Helper
  • Trip Out Mode
  • Display Music as Numeric Data for use w/Sequencer Kit
You can learn more about the LoopCart and listen to a sample at and discuss the LoopCart with Paul Slocum in our Atari 2600 Forum.

LoopCart Screenshot
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