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Title: JagWorm
System: Atari Jaguar
Author: Lars Hannig
Release Date: TBA

JagWorm is a funny, and highly addictive cartoon game for the whole family. The player takes control of a worm and guides him through many interesting and challenging levels. The goal is to eat a certain amount of apples in the limited time given and avoiding all obstacles, such as rocks, thorns, bushes, water and many more. Eating the apples, the worm grows, making it more challenging to avoid the obstacles on his way. Powerups and different games modes add to the fun factor.

Game Features:

  • Beautiful, high-color cartoony graphics
  • Save feature to preserve your highscores
  • 100% assembler code with tons of colorful objects on screen

Several highly addictive games modes:

  • Advanced mode (Custom mode with many challenging levels full of obstacles)
  • Classic mode (Eat as many apples as you can without biting yourself)
  • Addictive multiplayer mode for up to 8 players.

The game "JagWorm" is based on an idea by Lars Hannig. All programming, graphics and design by Lars Hannig.


JagWorm Screenshot
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