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Title: Reversi
System: Atari Jaguar
Author: Matthias Domin, Duranik, Nils Feske
Website: Jaguar Reversi Development Page
Release Date: TBA
Description: If you're a fan of the popular board game Reversi and also follow the Jaguar scene, you'll be glad to learn that Matthias Domin is creating a version for the Jaguar. Reversi for the Jaguar will be released on an encrypted CD and features graphics by Duranik and music and sound effects by Nils Feske. In Reversi two players try to dominate an 8x8 playfield. Each player moves in succession, trying to capture pieces of his opponent by surrounding them with his own stones. The following features have been announced thus far:
  • Four game modes: Human vs. Computer, Human vs. Human, Computer vs. Human, and Computer vs. Computer
  • Multi-lingual
  • MemoryTrack support for saving game settings
  • Includes a BJL-loader for uploading RAM-based programs from your PC to the Jaguar.
For more information and to follow the game's development, please visit the Jaguar Reversi Development Page.

Reversi Screenshot
Reversi Screenshot
Reversi Screenshot
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