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Title: CiE
System: Atari 2600
Author: Bruce-Robert Pocock and Jason D. "MayDay"
Website: AtariAge Homebrew Discussion Forum - "CiE"
Release Date: Fall 2006
Description: Bruce-Robert Pocock and Jason D. "MayDay" have announced that they have been developing a new Role-Playing Game (RPG) for the Atari 2600. The project, code-named "CiE" for the time being, is a turn-based RPG and uses a menu-based combat and conversational engine as well as a tile-based map system for traveling through the game world. Perhaps unique among 2600 game, CiE uses compiled scripts to drive Non-player character interactions and other gameworld events, allowing the game's designer to write high-level instructions for game events which are then interpreted at runtime. The language (in both source and binary forms) is nicknamed "Ursa." CiE is slated to be a 64K game with plans for a release later this fall. Source code for the game's engine will be freely available, which will allow anyone to write their own game without writing any kernel code. You can learn more about the game and follow its development in our Homebrew Discussion Forum.
View All Titles in Development