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Random Terrain's Tetraternarium

Glowing Sky Photos

Posted by Random Terrain, in Personal_Stuff 28 November 2015 · 60 views

This morning the clouds were so bright yellow, red, and pink that it made the shades glow in an interesting way, so I grabbed an iPhone and took some quick photos before it all went away. Of course, none of the images look as good as what I was seeing with my own eyes. The photo of the shades is especially disappointing. I couldn't capture the weird glo...

Personality Test: INTP-T

Posted by Random Terrain, in Personal_Stuff 22 November 2015 · 80 views

I stumbled upon some blog and the guy mentioned that he had an INFJ personality type according to the Briggs Meyers test, so I looked it up. I took the first free test that popped up in the search results and it claims that I'm an INTP-T :

I did not pay for their "premium profile" and I did no...

Seaweed Assault Price Reduction

Posted by Random Terrain, in batari_Basic_(Atari_2600), Atari_2600 20 November 2015 · 88 views

For those who have been waiting for a price reduction before buying Seaweed Assault for the Atari 2600, your wait is over:
Seaweed Assault reviews: RGCD , 8-bit Central .
If enough people buy a copy, it will pay for my AtariAge subscription that expires on Decemb...

Got a Frigidaire Apartment-Size Refrigerator (FFET1022QW)

Posted by Random Terrain, in Personal_Stuff 27 September 2015 · 231 views

The Magic Chef refrigerator that I got about 7 years ago pretty much died . A new Frigidaire refrigerator was ordered from Home Depot on September 22, 2015 and was delivered yesterday on September 26, 2015 (Saturday) at around 10 in the morning. Here are some images from Home Depot and Frigidaire:



The freezer is a...

My Refrigerator Died

Posted by Random Terrain, in Personal_Stuff 16 September 2015 · 190 views

The Magic Chef refrigerator that I got in 2008 died today. It was still keeping things cold, but the defrost thermostat or the defrost timer probably stopped working right. It made a horrible noise for a couple of seconds like two horny cats fighting a rusty robot. After that happened, it kept making a loud popping or clicking noise too frequently to...

Affordable LED Lightbulbs

Posted by Random Terrain, in Useful_Info, Personal_Stuff 08 July 2015 · 238 views

Got 3 LED bulbs a couple of days ago and I like them so far. Each one was 2 dollars and something instead of 7 dollars or more, so I took a chance.
I plan to buy more over time. They seem to be brighter than normal 60 watt bulbs, but only use 9.5 watts. They also seem to be safer than curly fluorescent bulbs. They'll supposedly last 13 years, but...

Lost 89 Pounds So Far

Posted by Random Terrain, in Personal_Stuff 03 July 2015 · 325 views

In October of 2014 I reported that I lost 34 pounds . I hoped I would have lost a lot more by now, but I took a few breaks since then. I've only lost 89 pounds so far. I might be down to my ideal weight by 2016 if I stop taking so many breaks. Sometimes I just don't feel like eating lunch and I pay for it by not losing a pound by the next day. The good n...

Best 3 From The Acapella Project

Posted by Random Terrain, in Personal_Stuff, Internet_Related 15 June 2015 · 320 views

Even though I escaped from religion many years ago, I still like these songs. They didn't used to be on YouTube, but now they are:

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Posted by Random Terrain, in Internet_Related, TV_and_Movie_Related_Topics 06 June 2015 · 307 views

Before the Stick
I think I got my Blu-ray player in 2012 and it was able to handle Netflix, but it doesn't recognize Amazon Instant Video. It was nice for a while, but the menu for Netflix seems to be getting slower, it keeps forgetting my viewing progress, and it doesn't automatically play the next episode of a TV show. My sister uses her PlaySt...

Sally Ride Triggers the Rapture

Posted by Random Terrain, in Goofy_Thoughts 26 May 2015 · 285 views

Sally Ride triggers the Rapture:

Random Terrain

Stella Custom TV Effects Settings

Posted by Random Terrain, in Personal_Stuff, Atari_2600 29 March 2015 · 310 views

I have a new Windows 8 computer and have been trying to get everything set up the way it was on my Windows 7 PC. I knew that I made a screenshot of my Stella TV Effects settings, so I went searching Manage Attachments under My Settings here at AtariAge and finally found it on page 26:

Those settings make games look more like they did whe...

Terraria for Xbox 360

Posted by Random Terrain, in Xbox 360 14 March 2015 · 292 views

I just tried the Terraria demo for the Xbox 360 and so far it looks like it might be more fun than Miner Dig Deep . It feels like Miner Dig Deep crossed with a Super Nintendo game. I think I might buy it.
Some people say that it's just a side-scrolling 2D version of Minecraft . I tried Minecraft, but the low-res textures forced me to quit befor...

Searching for a Word Near Another Word (Proximity Search)

Posted by Random Terrain, in Internet_Related 13 January 2015 · 421 views

I recently got a friendly virtual kick in the pants from a couple of people to get back to work on my release date pages for Atari 2600 games:
Since then I've been searching long full text versions of old magazines using...

Convert JPG to PDF (Free Online)

Posted by Random Terrain, in Useful_Info, Internet_Related 07 December 2014 · 452 views

I wanted to put a bunch of JPG images into a PDF file so they'd be easier to read and easier to convert to text , so I went Googling and tried this web site:
It seems to be working great so far (after allowing cookies). I used it twice last night to put JPG magazine scans into PDF files and I'll be using it some...

Skyrim: Duplicating Items

Posted by Random Terrain, in Xbox 360 21 November 2014 · 446 views

I'm replaying Skyrim and I forgot how to duplicate items. I looked at a few videos and web pages, but none of them seemed to do what I was doing before. I know I got this info from some video or page online, but I might have adapted it. The good news is that my memory got refreshed. Here is my favorite way to duplicate items in case I forget again:

Able to Test batari Basic Games on a Real TV Again

Posted by Random Terrain, in Atari_2600, batari_Basic_(Atari_2600), Personal_Stuff 17 October 2014 · 352 views

After getting a smaller computer desk a couple of years ago, I no longer had room for my little color TV. I had to jump through hoops to make my Atari 2600 work with the LCD HDTV that I use with my computer and Xbox 360. It looked OK, but it wasn't the same as 'normal' TV.
My sister was getting rid of her 20 inch flat screen TV since she moved on t...

Lost 34 Pounds So Far

Posted by Random Terrain, in Personal_Stuff 13 October 2014 · 539 views

I went to the doctor yesterday and he said that I've lost 34 pounds since the last time I was there on May 29th. I had to make a special appointment yesterday because I had to stop taking shots and temporarily stop taking my pills for Type 2 Diabetes since my blood sugar kept dropping too low. He now has me on only one pill and I'll probably have to stop...

Was Einstein wrong? (Howell's Theory of Relativity)

Posted by Random Terrain, in Goofy_Thoughts, Useful_Info, Internet_Related 01 September 2014 · 561 views
$10000 reward?, John Howell and 5 more...
I was looking for something else and found this article that I cut out from the Greensboro News & Record newspaper. I'm guessing that it was from around 1994. When I cut out the article, I forgot to keep the top of the paper that had the date.
What happened with John Howell and his book? Did he give up? Was he proven wrong? I must be using the...

Just Had a Dream About Future 3D Printers

Posted by Random Terrain, in Dreams, Personal_Stuff 23 August 2014 · 435 views

3D Printer Dream
I was looking through the eyes of a reporter on a big set where different experts sat next to the items that they were going to talk about. For example, the expert talking about food was sitting next to a small area that was set up to look like part of a produce aisle (fresh fruits and vegetables aisle) at a grocery store. It was...

Miner Dig Deep (Xbox 360)

Posted by Random Terrain, in Xbox 360 27 July 2014 · 385 views

I stopped playing this Xbox 360 indie game a fairly long time ago when I got bored with the long elevator rides, but I recently started playing it again and got down to the bottom. I won't tell you what is down there in case you haven't played it, but I don't think it will spoil anything to let you know that you can choose to keep all of your items and...

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