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#3267018 A game I hope you'll like

Posted by cvga on Sun Jun 28, 2015 10:40 PM

I had this idea as I was going through some of my excess games...


I'm going to give away a game (including shipping). The game will be based on how many "likes" this post gets. When this post (#1) fails to add a new like over a three-day period, I'll randomly choose one of the people who "liked" this post and send them their game.


Here's the catch. Since there will be 0 likes when this is first posted, the game won't be very exciting. I'll periodically change the game as the number of "likes" grows. We'll start with Combat but I'll change the game when the post reaches 5 likes. At the end, the winner can choose the current game or any of the prior games that were submitted.






Good luck!

#3484385 Coleco Chameleon .... hardware speculations?

Posted by Albert on Tue Apr 5, 2016 10:33 AM

I want proof that you're actually giving the Jaguar molding tools to Albert,Mike

I purchased the molds from Mike. They are now in my control.


#3462108 Coleco Chameleon .... hardware speculations?

Posted by Albert on Mon Mar 7, 2016 3:05 PM

I just discovered that the user Janus, who had been trolling in this thread (including repeatedly calling people here "haters") until I finally kicked "her" out, is actually Mark Kaminski, who works for RETRO Magazine. Janus had a previous account by the name Mr Retro, although he hasn't used that one since last September. In this interview with Mike Kennedy and Mark Kaminski, Mike Kennedy states about Mark:

Yeah, well, thanks for having me on. We brought Mark Kaminski around: hes our co-founder and Creative Director as well, responsible for what we print on these pages, and for pretty much anything to do with how it looks and feels and tastes and everything

You can look at Janus' posting history here. Here are some select quotes from him:

I wish you guys would cut Mike Kennedy some slack until the console is verified.

More sour grapes about Mike and his successful businesses. Call 911 we need a waaambulance

Just wait and see. Hopefully when everything is properly vetted, you guys will change your tunes and support this awesome product and the games on the system and give it a fair shake.

Blah Blah Blah... Coleco License, Gamester, Pico, Atariage negative press...
Ask yourself this... does any of this matter one bit if Mike Kennedy already has a signed purchase order for over $2M from Toys 'R Us?

Sounds just like another MK hater to me. Just wait until it's revealed. What everyone here fails to realize is that Daniel Kayser and David Giltian SAW the working FPGA board. Did you ever think maybe the DVR was just a clever marketing smoke-screen? Like I said, just wait and see, this console is a movement

Mike will release a working console and put all you haters to shame.
Have you thought just maybe HE INTENTIONALLY ADDED DVR FUNCTIONALITY to the Chameleon, hence "Making it better", DUH!

We will see who is laughing when this Kickstarter goes live today! It's going to be EPIC!
I hope I get first crack at a limited edition version and you suckers will be buying it off me for big bux in the future!

Prepare to get schooled haters!
Daniel Kayser is a long-standing authority on video game systems... 'nuff said!
Just wait until this Kickstarter breaks the internet tomorrow and Mike and Co. are RAKING in the cash!

Let's be fair, the Ouya didn't' have the dream team that the Chameleon does. You guys will be eating your words when this is the most successful Kickstarted Video Game System ever.

Just another dumb hater!

And so on..

Mark is now posting on the Digital Press forum using the same Janus persona. Here's the text of the post I just linked:

I really want the Coleco Chameleon and I really like Mike. I was a long time listener of his show, gamegavel, RETRO, met him at a expo. He's a nice guy. People are suggesting that he is some evil thief and that is just wrong. I know I'm new here, so I'll probably get booted. People can't stand to believe he has a following.


#3326314 FPGA Based Videogame System

Posted by kevtris on Sun Sep 20, 2015 11:28 PM

Welll, some people seemed interested in my FPGA Videogame doodad that I presented in the RVGS thread and it was suggested I make a post about it, how it works, and what it does.   I still don't have immediate plans for selling it, but if there's enough interest, that could change.   I will attempt to explain what it is, how it works, and what a sellable version of it would entail, so let's go!


First off, nearly ANYTHING is possible.   The main problem is going to be how much money people will be willing to pay, and how long they will want to wait for it to be finished.   A target price of around $250 is probably going to be a reasonable value, but ideally I'd love to be able to do it for $200ish. 


What I have right now:


At this point in time, I have 17 system cores complete, and pretty much ready to go.  This means that the core is done and runs all the games I can throw at it flawlessly.  I have spent a lot of time debugging and testing these cores to make sure they are the highest possible quality and completeness.  Yes, I spent the time to run every single game available to me on them- many many many times to make sure any changes I made didn't break something.


To obtain the absolute highest level of quality and compatibility, I have made special test fixtures, hardware, and test ROMs for every system, and used my 200 channel logic analyzer to inspect exactly what goes on to get exact cycle accuracy on everything.  Developing a new 8 bit level core takes around 1-3 months of work depending on how complicated it is.  Sometimes it was even faster than this, and sometimes longer.  I figure I could get SNES or Genesis going in a 4-6 month time frame and maybe a few more months to debug it to a decent level of operation.


There have been several hardware prototypes created up to this point to develop and test my cores and other related things, and I now have full command of the HDMI interface at 1080p/60fps.  I have moved onto HDMI now as my interface of choice due to the high quality of today's flat panel monitors and TVs.   Analog is still possible, and I can support this too.   I still think that some kind of add-on for analog will be the best way to go instead of integrated it into the system due to the cost of the video DACs ($4-5 each) and the connectors ($1 or more each in some cases).   By leaving off analog, I can save probably $40-50 by eliminating all the chips and hardware for them.   The other option is simply to get rid of analog all together and not support it at all.   Would many people be sad to see analog go?  Personally I wouldn't, but this is not really my decision-  I want to make something the USERS would like.


Right now, I am playing games by loading ROMs in through a computer interface for debug, but ideally they would be loaded off of SD cards.   I like the idea of cartridge adapters, but the problem with them is making the plastic enclosure for it.  Making the adapters themselves is fairly straight forward and easy, and the games would literally be running off the cartridge itself- it would NOT be just another Retron 5 that just dumps the game and plays it- it would actually RUN the actual cart so Powerpaks/Everdrives/etc would still work.  Ideally if you can stuff it into an existing system and have it work, I want it to work for sure on my adapters too.


I don't know how much these adapters would cost.  They would each consist of a cartridge connector,  a system connector, and probably level translation logic and maybe a few other minor things.  Figure a $20-30 parts cost.  So maybe a $40-50 retailish range.   Adding more than 1 cartridge port to the adapter would save money, and maybe be a $5-10 cost adder vs. singles.


I have been using PCIe connectors because they are cheap, durable, and extremely commodity, which means there's 10 or 20 companies making them.  This will stop it going obsolete any time soon, and keeps the price in the basement.  All good things for this. 


The current "high end" board I have designed and manufactured looks like this:


(3D render)

system3 3drender
(main board + analog board, front view)
(main board + analog board, back view)


There's no less than TWO FPGAs on this board- one was meant to do all the system simulation/emulation, and the other was meant to handle video scaling, SD card access, etc.  I ended up not stuffing the boards because I learned a lot about HDMI during the HDMI NES adapter project, and wanted to apply what I learned.  This will basically lead to lower costs and more functionality vs. what I have already created on this existing board.   All the parts are bought and sitting here in a box, along with solder stencils, etc.  but I think holding off and redesigning the board is the best option.  I may still stuff parts of the board for testing, however.


Right now, my idea to package this thing was to use the laser cutter I have at work and make acrylic laser cut packaging instead of a professional injection mold, but if 1000ish people were on board, I could most likely go for a proper job injection mold to house it.


System specs that a proposed system would have:


* SD card for storing ROMs/save games/FPGA configurations

* Quad RAM busses to allow up to neogeo level systems

* Enhanced video scaling (see my HDMI NES project for a taste of my HDMI capabilities)

* 49K logic element FPGA

* Quad USB ports for controllers/mice/etc   Most likely HID only

* HDMI video/audio,   1080p and 48KHz audio standard

* Port to allow plugging in cartridge adapters

* Maybe one or two built in ports for i.e. NES or SNES or similar

* 256Mbytes of RAM


The existing board has all of the above except cart ports, and a few more things like ethernet which I would strip off.


Here's a youtube playlist showing off most of my FPGA videogame cores to date:




And a list:


* Sega Master System

* Game Gear

* Colecovision

* NES/Famicom

* Atari 2600

* Atari 7800

* Intellivision

* Odyssey^2

* Adventure Vision

* Supervision

* RCA Studio 2

* Fairchild Channel F

* Videobrain

* Arcadia 2001

* Creativision

* Gameboy

* Gameboy Color (not 100% yet, still debugging. runs 99% of games so far)


nonvideogame things:


* SPC player (SNES music)

* Mandelbrot realtime zoom/pan/julia


None of the cores are bare bones, either.  The 2600 core for example supports Pitfall 2, Atarivox, Supercharger demo unit, Supercharger proper, and all mappers.   The Intv and Odyssey^2 ones have the speech add-ons, and the NES core supports all expansion audio chips and all mappers.


And that's about it.  If there's any questions lemme know and I will try to answer 'em.


#2333485 Compact 5200 System

Posted by wt808 on Mon Jul 25, 2011 1:26 AM

A while ago I convinced myself that the 5200 mainboard could be reduced to the size of a game cartridge, but still using the original 40DIP ICs and DIP ROM. Last Fall, I gave it a try. Family obligations and the dread of soldering small SMT components put the project on the back burner until a couple of days ago.

It works wonderfully! The mainboard measures 88mm x 108mm and features audio line out and svideo out. Here it is in comparison with a 5200 cartridge. And with an Atarimax USB flash cartridge, shell removed, running Pac-Man off of that cartridge.

Attached Thumbnails

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  • 5200c-2.jpg
  • 5200c-3.jpg
  • 5200c-4.jpg

#3458219 Coleco Chameleon .... hardware speculations?

Posted by Albert on Thu Mar 3, 2016 9:24 PM

Btw, this thread did cause me to increase the number of "Likes" people can dole out in any given day.


#3455818 Coleco Chameleon .... hardware speculations?

Posted by Gamester81 on Tue Mar 1, 2016 9:33 PM

Hey Guys,


First off I sincerely apologize for any troubles or ill fillings that I have caused with any of you.  I was asked by Mike and his team awhile ago if we'd be interested in porting some of our games over the the Chameleon.  We still haven't signed anything yet officially, and at the time when they had reached out to us, it wouldn't have cost us any more work to port our games over. It made sense at the time to get involved.  I've read things about some people thinking that I'm involved with the lies and deception regarding the system.  I can assure you guys that I have nothing to do with the hardware side of things, and I certainly wouldn't have got involved had I known more.  I've been ignorant and wrong, and I feel bad for what happened.  I have been involved publicly in the gaming community since 2008, and for those who know me, they know that I pride myself of my integrity and respect in what I do and get involved with.  I'm upset about this situation, and I truly hope that you guys will accept my apology.  The gaming community is very important to me. 

Now in regards to the deletion of my old interview with Mike talking about the RETRO VGS.  That video had been "unlisted" for months now actually, and I decided to delete the video because it covers the RETRO VGS which as you guys know is no longer relevant.  I don't see the point of reliving the past and dragging up things that are over.  I certainly didn't mean to come across as calling you guys "haters", and I do apologize for ever alluding to that.  That was wrong of me, and again ignorant and stupid for me to say.

I realize that at this point it will take time to win back my trust for some of you.  I am sincerely sorry for anything I may have done or said to upset any of you guys.  The honest truth is that we were asked to port a game over to the Coleco Chameleon, and that we were not in the loop to the hardware side of things.  I am humbled by this experience and have learned a valuable lesson the hard way.  

#3500812 Manic Miner released!

Posted by Tezz on Fri Apr 29, 2016 7:17 AM

Happy Friday :)


Here finally is Manic Miner for you to download.

Requirements: Atari XL/XE with 64kb or higher, PAL and NTSC compatible (there's actually around 8kb unused from our available 62kb)

As most of you probably know Matthew Smith set about designing Manic Miner for the Spectrum early in 1983 after being inspired playing Miner 2049er on the Atari so it's only fitting that we now eventually have a conversion back to the Atari. The game became one of the first big hits on the Spectrum and is remembered fondly for it's humour and great playability.

I started writing Manic Miner for the Atari back in 2010 completely from scratch, although there were just a few things to finish off and tidy up ultimately I wasn't happy that it was entirely there and it became something that I pushed back for another day. I wanted to make sure that I did the original game justice, several of the other platforms that had conversions released in the day were written in their own way by the developer and were lacking.

When I returned back to the project at the beginning of the year I decided the best course of action was to start over. Having spoken with Mariusz about his z80 work after working on Saboteur together I'd improved my z80 knowledge and began translating Matthews' original z80 code line by line to 6502. After the necessary changes for the A8 and some rewriting and optimising I then had the original game in glorious monochrome running faster than the Spectrum. This would have been acceptable for a quick and dirty conversion although some game features such as the Solar Power Generator wouldn't be possible with the game in it's original form on the A8. It wasn't my intention either to create a simple port, the A8 is capable and worthy of spending the time to develop the game fully in the way I wrote my original conversion. The next preliminary step for me was to re-write the entire game in clean 6502 procedures reworking everything to use a standard Atari bitmap layout rather than a simulated Spectrum layout. These procedures were then rewritten and reworked into the methods used in my conversion which is char based so, after effectively writing MM four times for the Atari I've made absolutely sure to reproduce the game 100% bugs and all.

The interrupts for all of the 20 caverns were hand written and carefully thought out being designed over several months in 2010. I'm using sprite copies and mid scan changes where necessary. It was labour intensive manually timing them all and dealing with solutions to minimize the bad lines but thanks to the accuracy of Altirra I was able to work my way through them over time. When I came back to working on the game again I hadn't intended to mess with these but I could see with fresh eyes several could be written more efficiently and could actually be improved also. I ended up rewriting many of the trickier ones and reworked most of the others to various degrees. I completely restarted the Final Barrier which I was never happy with and after some thought and planning I decided to create a combination of bitmap and char layout, partly inverted partly not inverted and wrote special procedures for that cavern. I'm glad that I took the additional time to redo all the caverns, I was reluctant at first with the work involved but it's solved everything I wasn't happy with.

Miker's music is of course included again and the speed is modified for NTSC machines.

Thanks to Poison and Solaris this week for taking the time to give their views play testing the game. Thanks also to Phaeron for Altirra and for testing some of the interrupts on the real hardware for me.

I have the game delayed to run at roughly 140% speed on PAL systems compared to the original which feels good to me, I deliberated over whether to delay the game down to the Spectrum speed, which feels like slow motion now going back to it after play testing for a while. My thinking was that the PC remake of Manic Miner was also a little faster and everyone spoke positively about that version still retaining its authenticity. Solaris has played the game through to completion and said he felt the game play speed was good too. It's probably best to get some further feedback from everyone regarding the playing speed.

As the play testers were both using PAL machines I've only just added the modified delays for NTSC machines yesterday afternoon, luckily I had some free time to get that in place. I will need to spend a little more time making some further changes to the NTSC delays to deal with the music when it's turned off so I'll post a final revision soon with that but either way I wanted to make sure to release the game now rather than delay it any further so it's available for everybody that's been waiting for it to appear.

Attached is the executable and also a DOS 2.5 disk image with the executable autorunning.

Good luck playing the game, some of the later caverns are quite tricky and need some practice. I can complete almost all of the caverns but I haven't yet completed the game in one run on the Spectrum or Atari :)

Attached Thumbnails

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#3189727 7800 XM update

Posted by Curt Vendel on Mon Mar 2, 2015 5:53 PM



  I see people selling or trading their pre-orders.   Just want those who do this to know that I will contact you when your order is next in queue to ship, if you've sold your XM pre-order, you'll just provide the name & address and email of that person its going to and they'll get an email with the tracking # and the order will ship to them.      I've been at the XM now steady every night addressing things and I have a major update to send to GroovyBee shortly for his review.    Still on track for THIS SPRING to release, no more delays, XM's ship this spring.


Again, those who want to buy one, I'm sure you'll see the buzz here and elsewhere as people get them, post about them and so forth.   I will make announcements of the general purchase date, I am hoping to also work with Albert to also make the XM's for sale directly on AA as well as my store so that people will have multiple places to buy.


 Lets keep the vitriol down to a minimum and lets keep the positive vibes going, I'm back and fully recovered and really jazzed about the XM's being finished and going out, thanks.

#3460039 Coleco Chameleon .... hardware speculations?

Posted by retroillucid on Sat Mar 5, 2016 12:49 PM

The RetroVGS / Chameleon story from CollectorVision point of view

The first time I heard about the RetroVGS was in spring 2015 when we were told by Mike Kennedy about his new retro console project

After some talks, Mike told us he would be very interested to have Tiny Knight as a pack-in game for the RetroVGS (wich included a 1-year platform exclusive)
In this case, CollectorVision Games would receive royalties on all RetroVGS unit sold
He also stated he wanted CollectorVision as one of the many developers

In August 2015, we all met each others ( including John Carlsen, a great guy btw) at the Game on Expo in Arizona
At this point, Mike told us everything would be ready to lauch a Kickstarter campaign next fall
They were aiming $150 as target price for the System
To be honest, on paper, everything was looking just fine .....( I was yet going to be proven wrong....)

October 2015

Just before the RetroVGS Indiegogo campaign, Mike told us he was not able to give what was decided at first (in terms of royalties)
In fact, we were going to get 50% of what was previously stated
Needless to say, we were pissed.....but not as much as when we saw what they were going to ask for their Indiegogo campaign

Very few days later, the project was quickly abandoned ....
At this point, we were "free" from this project (besides a NDA)

January 2016

I got a message on Facebook from John (Lester) telling me Mike was now finally ready to launch his retro console, but was now named: Chameleon
I was like.....ok....I guess? ....

Oh, and Coleco step aboard and give their blessing so they can use the name Coleco (Chameleon)
I thoughts that if Coleco (aka River West Brand) liscenced their Coleco name, maybe the project will be taken more seriously this time.....

Mike wanted us to make Tiny Knight again
This time, I was against the idea since I want to make this game first on SNES and then on modern platforms only
Besides, this was impossible for us to complete this game in time for the end of 2016

So, since we are about to release Sydney Hunter & The Caverns of Death on the SNES, it would have been easy to use this one for the release of the Chameleon as a pack-in game (they were going to use a FPGA SNES)

Deal is set, we are waiting for the contract so we can sign it (wich never came btw)
Wich only proof how far we really were from this

February 2016 - Toy Fair in NY

The night before the Toy Fair, Mike sent CollectorVision a picture of Sydney Hunter running on the Chameleon (as posted on our Facebook page)
Was kind of relief to finally see something actually working....

The next day, where Mike "demoed" the Chameleon, pictures were taken of the system and put online
This's where people started saying it was a SNES Mini inside a Jaguar shell

I immediately contacted John and ask him if Mike could provide us pictures of the inside of the system etc....
Instead, we were re-directed to his hardware guy
The hardware guy told us what he used to built this prototype and yes it was using some SNES parts and the reason they were showing this "SNES Prototype" was because they didn't get the latest board revision in time.....

Okay.... shit could happen, I guess.....? ..... But still......suspicious......
So they told us to wait till the Kickstarter and we are going to be blow away by the latest prototype
This is where I've mentioned online to wait till the Kickstarter and it's going to be awesome (stupid me, I should just have shut the f&$@ up!)

Meanwhile, we got informed that we will NO longer be the pack-in game as they found another (popular) company to do it instead of us
Now, I wanted more than ever to get the f@&$ out of this project....
Was it true? Or Mike simply tried once again to lower the royalties?
All we know is we didn't still signed any contracts yet, so......

Few days later, Mike posted pictures of "their latest prototype", but this time in a clear case so everyone can see the inside.....
Harvey (5-11under) and Albert on AtariAge both find what the prototype board actually was.... A video capture card!!
I immediately contacted John and Toby and told them to officially pull the plug off this and make a statement about this
I was not pissed, I was over pissed off!

In the end, we (CollectorVision) were fools enough to have believed in this project, so yes, we have been stupid on this :/
The obvious was actually too obvious for us to not believe in the project
The most thing we are guilty for, is maybe not having followed their project more closely, as we were (still) busy working on our Wii U game

We've certainly learned for all this....

Peace, out


#3061258 New pacman for atari 2600

Posted by DINTAR816 on Tue Aug 26, 2014 1:57 PM

This is a "new" version of pacman for atari 2600 I've been programming since about 2007, but had left in 2008, then in 2013 I resume again to try to finish. 
I've been trying to make it as close to the original looking at various sites on the "AI" Ghosts, game logic, etc. 
This version has nothing to do with the other version called pacman4k, this is a completely new version, do not use any undocumented opcode. 
Currently the rom is about 120 bytes free, so I'm trying to add other things. 
I'll post the rom in the coming days. 
Meanwhile here's a video:
download link to the current version of 8k
download link to the previous version of 8k
download link to the first version of 8k:
download link to the current version (4k):
Older versions:

#3464099 Coleco Chameleon .... hardware speculations?

Posted by pxlsicle on Wed Mar 9, 2016 1:21 PM

I would have liked to have put this in the Coleco Chameleon Epilogue thread that was suggested earlier. If one one happens I may copy this post over to there if that sort of thing one time doesn't ruffle feathers

Pat and I recorded our last bits on this whole mess last night. They should be up sometime today. I have to admit I'm really happy the announcement of Coleco Holdings dropping the Chameleon came when it it did, it couldn't have come at a better time both in terms of recording and my general interest and patience. We've covered this since the RVGS announcement. It's been an often amusing, always bizarre ride that became infuriating and then increasingly tiresome. We both broke recording schedules to signal boost info when we could, sorted through the big bursts of info and followed the quiet days or weeks after waiting for an interview or more evidence. Don't get me wrong, we weren't all star reporters sleeping at our desks eating cold bagels and drinking stale coffee but I have a full time job, Pat has plenty of full time projects and it was honestly sort of obsessing us =D After almost a year on the same topic it was really nice to put a bow on it and push it out the door. We do a basic round-up, talk a bit about the drop, and Pat responds to some criticism that I managed to mostly avoid due to absence, I couldn't be in that video because of work.

We did as much of our own research and conclusion making as we could but it would be absolutely insane and totally unfair to not give the Atari Age forum a massive amount of credit. we put together a bunch of stone tile flooring with massive gaps and every single damn time you all came and puttied it over, filled the cracks, and sent us in new directions. Lots of times I felt we were being a megaphone. All of us together, I think, are responsible for how this rode out. 

In short: I owe a lot of fuckin' beers to you out there. If you don't drink I'll provide the Martinelli's sparkling apple juice. That's good shit. Come say hey if you're at a convention I'm at. Would love to shake hands.

Shout outs to Brian from Jag Bar, Eli from Piko, Kevtris, Retro Gaming Round-up, and a whole bunch of others I promise I'm not ommiting because I'm an asshole I just have really bad short term memory. Great info that really pushed the story along. Shout out to my cat, Spike.

#3454386 Coleco Chameleon .... hardware speculations?

Posted by Albert on Mon Feb 29, 2016 8:49 PM

I found what looks to be a match:


HICAP50B CCTV DVR Capture Card


#3532276 In the spirit of community, a new release is announced!

Posted by Tarzilla on Wed Jun 15, 2016 7:53 AM

If any of you venture outside the Intellivision forum, you may have heard that our friend Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez, also known as nanochess, has received some very bad family medical news. 
Many of you may know Oscar as the author of several ColecoVision games, the CoolCV emulator and in the Intellivision realm, the author of Space Raid and Princess Quest. However, to me he will always be the guy that fulfilled a life long dream of mine to program a video game for a console from my childhood.
His IntyBASIC developement tool is responsible for hundreds of hours of enjoyment for me (and others); there is nothing like sticking a game you wrote onto a cart, firing up an Intellivision and playing it for the first time! His dedication to improving IntyBASIC based on our feedback (or whining) has resulting in an advanced tool that has fast tracked the creation of many new Intellivision games.
Inspired by TeamPixelboy's generous effort that he announced in the ColecoVision forum:
and with Luc's blessing, I and a few other developers have decided to donate our time and code 
to a new release with proceeds going to support Oscar and his family.
Intellivision Revolution and Some Random Guys Present:
IntyBASIC Showcase Volume 1
3 fantastically fun games on one cartridge
Unique overlays for each game
Excellent, multi-page manual
Full professionally designed cover art and offset printed box

Stay tuned for more information, as well as the revealing of the games!
Edit June 16:
Game 1:Classic Battleship Warship! by Crazyboss
Enhanced graphics, animation and sound
Play against the Inty, with 3 (maybe 4) skill levels
Intellivoice taunting by your enemy
New gameplay variations

This video is from an older test version prepared for the team, it is missing some sounds and animation that are in the current version.
Edit June 18:
Game 2:

Again, this video is from an older test version prepared for the team, it is missing some sounds and animation and other changes that are in the current version.
Edit June 19:


Edit June 19-2

Now that 24 hours has passed and enough people have seen the video reveal

Game 2:Lonely Goat Herder/Hoarder, GOATNOM by freeweed freewheel


Next update in a week or two....

Edit July 22

...or four


Game 3: was announced on the newest episode of the Intarivisions Intellivisionaires podcast, as Canadians Tarzilla and Freewheel continue the Canuckification of the podcast.



Game 3: Zyx, by Atari2600land. With enhanced graphics, sound and action, this contest entry may be an action gamer's favorite.


Poor Zyx has fallen in a well, eat the food thrown down to him while jumping over and avoiding the ravenous Vuts that haunt the well.

How many levels (featuring changing well graphics) can you survive? How many different kinds of food will you see? Will you make it to the Coffee Break level? Or the Beer Level?


Find out soon:

Here is a preview from a couple of weeks ago, the level progression has been adjusted for demo/testing so as to show a couple levels faster, change won't happen that fast normally.


#3388309 Wilmunder's Star Raiders II released

Posted by Savetz on Thu Dec 10, 2015 1:00 PM

Released for the first time today — a holiday present from Aric Wilmunder: the unreleased, almost-finished sequel to Star Raiders for the Atari 8-bits. He created and developed it while working in the R&D lab of Atari coin-op.


(This is not the Last Straighter rebranded game. Aric told me, “When The Last Starfighter didn’t do well in the theaters and marketing re-branded the Atari 800 Last Starfighter game as Star Raiders II, they didn’t take into account that there was already an actual sequel to Star Raiders that was just a few months away from completion.  I was the designer and solo engineer who worked for about a year on the project as a member of an R&D team inside Atari Coin-Op.")


My interview with Aric is published on the ANTIC podcast today. Our discussion of Star Raiders II starts at about the 30 minute mark. http://ataripodcast....emple-of-apshai


Here's video of it in action, and the ATR file and documentation is attached.



The files are attached, and also at https://archive.org/...ersII_Wilmunder


Attached File  Wilmunder_Star_Raiders_II_8-2.atr   90.02KB   1756 downloads

Attached File  Star Raiders II Controls.pdf   765.03KB   1834 downloads

Attached File  The Authoritative Star Raiders II v0.3.pdf   58.83KB   3998 downloads



#2337256 Star Castle 2600 2011 at Video Game Summit

Posted by Propane13 on Sat Jul 30, 2011 6:58 AM

I don't understand the desire to lock this thread, is it simply because you don't like it?

I shouldn't reply, but I'm going to.
But I'm only going to because I honestly don't think you understand.

This thread feels like one giant troll.
In short, it's "Look-- I made something. You can never have it. Well, you can if someone pays me an insulting price, maybe. But that doesn't guarantee that you'll have it anyway."

Maybe you don't understand the community here. We're a dying breed. As time goes on, this hobby has less and less followers.
We're really far removed from the 80s. A few people have brought new life into the hobby, and one of the cool outcomes was the creation of this site.
It's a place where a few of us who can't get enough of the Atari's heyday can hang out. I remember the Atari 2600 I got when I was 5, and it defined a major part of my life. It led me to be a programmer, and to homebrew a few games of my own. This community has been VERY good to me, so I have always shared what I have with them. But, still, I recognize that times change. The older I get, the more people I meet who have no idea what an Atari was. It's kind of sad.

As there become less and less of us, and as time goes on, this community only grows in respect for one another. I'm blown away by things I've seen.
People on these forums defend each other when attacked by jerks. We are brought together by our love of Atari. Homebrewers share new creations, and people lovingly test their code. New finds are brought forth to keep that flame of excitement from being extinguished. People disassemble old ROMS to find new secrets. There is a lot going on here, but our common ground is love for Atari, and trying to keep this thing alive for as long as we can.

So, why lock this thread? Well, there's a LOT of very good people on here. This isn't an outpost of pirates. It's people who love a hobby. Your initial posts were fearful of that. But, we're the good guys. Our love of the hobby is what brought us together. So, think about this long and hard-- what value is this thread? You're dangling a carrot in front of a bunch of good people. And, they'll never be able to reach it. I know you think that's not true because you've offered a "fair price", or at least fair to you. But, it's not fair to us. Let me explain why.

To the good people here, there are only a handful here or less that could afford your asking price. So, you're putting pressure on a few fortunate souls. They could buy it; sure. If they do, you need to understand that they'll never get their money back from resales. Ever. It's not possible. One-of-a-kind protos usually can recoup a couple of thousand dollars in sales. As I said, it's a dying community. So, whenever one of those people who can afford a prototype has one from "back in the day" come across his or her way, the sell price is typically a few thousand dollars. People in this community have taken THOUSAND DOLLAR LOSSES to "do the right thing". They resell copies to make back their money, but still lose money. We respect those who do that, with our meager 50 dollar contributions. It's history, and those that can afford to do whatever it takes to help.

Forget about the Boxed Air-Raid-- that has special sentimental value to some collectors, and it's a special piece of history, so it doesn't count. Apart from that, a few thousand dollars for a single copy of something is the general norm. It's a price that's fair for the buyer to possibly make their money back in sales (though they usually don't even break even), and to satisfy the programmer for a job well done. So, your price is exceedingly unfair. Most of the community seems to have resolved that they don't care. We don't want to pressure the few that can purchase this take a $25,000 or more loss just to keep people here happy. It's not right. I think even that if you did have a tentative buyer, we'd try to talk them out of it at this point. I don't want anyone putting themself that far out for a game. And, it really is just a game.

You've also done something very wrong by not guaranteeing a ROM release. "It's up to the buyer". Well, thanks a lot. The community here takes a back seat I guess. Let's say some guy here or on ebay did buy it and said not to release. Then you've wasted our time with a story about something we didn't buy and can never play. And, that's a really sad story to put on a website that celebrates and breathes life into Atari. This is your most egregious error.

I don't know where your confusion comes from. Many of us are tired of this, and the points made above are detailed in many posts.

Look, then From one programmer to another, I respect your past and current work.
However, you're not respecting ours. We built this site and community.
We watch out for each other, and we try to be fair to each other.

From this point forward, this thread will be people trying to convince you to lower the price, for reasons above, and to consider full release if sold.
Sounds like you're immovable in that area. So, then what's left to talk about in this thread?
Questions have been answered, and we've seen all that we're going to see.
So, what else could anyone have to say?
And, if people are going to pat you on the back about previous work you've done, do it in another thread.

It's your move. But, if you're just going to sit on this with an unfair price, then you're wasting our time.
You've moved a lot of respected people on this site from curious to angry. That's not a good way to act in this community.
You really ought to think about what your actions are doing. The longer this thread goes nowhere, the worse you're making yourself look.
You're not a contributor. You're not being fair. And, you're wasting the time of the only people that care about this stuff at all.


#3536102 Upcoming Jaguar SD Cartridge

Posted by SainT on Mon Jun 20, 2016 3:39 PM

I've been getting quite a few PM's and messages in the Lynx SD thread asking about a Jaguar SD cartridge (Everdrive style), which I've hinted at in a few other places. I thought I'd just make it known that the design for a Jaguar SD cartridge is largely complete and I've started some actual work on it. Although the Lynx SD cartridge production is taking all my spare time at the moment, so until I've got that under control then progress will be slow.


What I have got sorted is a good start, however. I've got a windows tool chain setup for the Jag. I have replaced the boot ROM with my own code and have hooked the Jag up to my trusty old SC1224. Next up is interfacing the Jag's DSP port to the PC via a microcontroller using the high speed synchronous serial interface. This will then let me actually do simple dev work on the Jag to test cartridge hardware.


This is going to be a while yet, it could well take another 6-12 months depending on how much time I need to devote to the Lynx SD, as this is just a hobby for me, so my time is limited.


There are no pre-order lists or anything like that, and I will ask for posts relating to this to be removed as it's just way too early. However if anyone wants to ask any questions, or if I have any progress updates, this thread is a good place for them.

#3263280 My daughter has left Hospital...

Posted by Mclaneinc on Tue Jun 23, 2015 4:15 PM

I know it seems off topic but its not..


Thank you to all that have been so kind re my daughter Serena who was in hospital after being so close to death from an eating disorder, she finally was discharged from hospital today after 8.5 months in there. Its never been easy but she gave it her all and at times faltered but thanks to her and the hospital folk and hopefully us she soldiered on and overcame her illness.


She kept me focused, she wanted me to keep on with the Atari stuff and enjoyed some of it..


So its with tired but tear filled eye's that I thank you all...



#3255859 Bill Wilkinson in hospital - please >10,000s good healthy to him

Posted by luckybuck on Thu Jun 11, 2015 3:04 PM

Hi together!
Bill Wilkinson is in a hospital, he has some broken bones.
It is not quite severe like in the picture below, but not far away from it.
Therefore, with clicking the like button, you wish him(!), not me:
Get well soon, we are with you all the time and wish you all the best under these circumstances direct from our hearts.


For the younger ones, who do not know him:


What the pope is for the Christian, Bill is for Atari. It is really that simple to say in one sentence.


#3459555 Coleco Chameleon .... hardware speculations?

Posted by Vanta on Fri Mar 4, 2016 10:28 PM

Relevant posts for those catching up:


Mike announces cartidge adapter (For RetroVGS) - [here]

Initial statement from Mike regarding the inception of Coleco Chameleon - [here]

"Launch titles will start to be announced in January and lead up until Toy Fair" - [here]

"Once the prototype is complete we'll reveal what's inside, it wont be much longer" - [here]

Triverse interview Mark Thomann RE: Coleco licensing and the Chameleon, & his feelings on criticism - [here]

Piko comments on initial contact with Mike for releasing software on the Chameleon - [here]

Jan 15th post points out no games have been announced yet - [here] as they were said to be [here]

Jan 22nd post lists the lack of announcements and the silence across RVGS social networks - [here]

CUPodcast covers announcement of RVGS Coleco Chameleon - [here]

RVGS facebook post hints at $150 retail price for console - [here]

RVGS facebook post states launch console will have variety of games - [here]

RVGS twitter account says "still coming" to january game announcements, Jan 30th - [here]

RVGS releases "Early launch titles" video montage, montage is just of retro games - [here]

Full list of games shown off in video montage - [here] and [here]

CUPpodcast follow up on RVGSmove towards chameleon and indiegogo campaign - [here]

Post covering RVGS facebook announcement first mention of kickstarter plans, Feb 1st - [here]

RVGS show off clothing and decal application, looks ropey as shit - [here]

Analysis of RVGS team page with linkedin profile overview - [here]

Mike talking shit about the Ouya (becomes a habbit) - [here]

RVGS "Retro VGS first quick demo" video - [here]

Coleco/Chameleon booth information for Toy Fair - [here]

Coleco/Chameleon Toy Fair brochure - [here]

Mike addresses media response and Coleco Licensing / Coleco association confusion - [here]

New RVGS homepage goes up, empty system specifications page - [here]

Fake Chameleon twitter announces project will use FPGA and be priced at $150 - [here]

Mike chimes in on fake accounts - [here]

RVGS shows console running "Sydney Hunter" (Snes) - Implies same unit will be at toy fair, No power light - [here] - [full image]

Ars Technica article covers the removal of standard ports among other things - [here]

Post covering the deletion of content by RVGS - [here]

RVGS announce date of kickstarter for Chameleon on FB - [here]

Initial analysis of Toy Fair footage - No power light, Hardwired snes controllers - [here]

Theory that the multi-cart shown at Toy Fair is a Snes2SD - [here]

First theory stating the contents of the Toy Fair prototype is likely just a SNES - [here] (Image deleted by RVGS)

Shot of the back of the unit gets analysis - [here]

More speculation regarding the content being a SNES - [here] - [here] - [here]

RVGS state they will show pictures of the PCB for the kickstarter launch, and that it will be FPGA Arm - [here]

RVGS address the suggestions that the contents is just a Snes Jr (watching the thread much?) - [here]

Kevtris chimes on on the reality that it's likely a SNES inside a Jaguar shell - [here]

RVGS claim they have written a SNES FPGA - [here]

Poster re-creates the "Prototype" using Snes JR and Jaguar shell - Get's perfect match - [here]

Poster compares the above image to the "Prototype" - [here]

Poster posts the photo RVGS posted to quiet the "show the connections" requests - [here]

Mike covers the topic of purchasing the Jaguar molds - [here]

PikoInteractive's website quoted after interacting with coleco and asking Mike to debunk SNES mini rumors - [here]

Youtuber covers the growing speculation towards Snes Mini/Jr fakery - [here] and [here]

Poster compares the rear connections of Snes mini to the "prototype" directly - [here]

Interview with Mike at the toy fair - [here]

Pictures from the booth - Controller is Interworks Pro Controller U - [here

Vanta note! - they simply drilled out a hole in the IR panel and threw in a USB cable)

Poster covers discrepency regarding "hardwired" claims - [here]

CUPodcast covers the latest findings regarding the kickstarter and prototype - [here]

RVGS banning users on FB for bringing up the Snes Mini speculation - [here]

Various excuses by Mike regarding the shell and protrusions of the Snes Mini - [here]

Vanta note! - Changing the tooling to accommodate such changes would require a new mold to be made, of the modification of existing molds to save cost, thus, if he went ahead with modification of the existing molds, the original Jaguar molds would be lost forever.

Email from someone that hates ReviewTechUSA getting his video of the Chameleon fiasco pulled - [here] and [here]

ReviewTechUSA's video regarding the Chameleon - [here]

Another interview with Mike at the Toy Fair - [here]

SD&R's overview ofthe interview - [here]

More information from Kevtris stating he won't touch CC with a barge pole - [here]

Poster makes a replica of the prototype - [here]

RVGS states they will make an announcement soon regarding SNES speculation - [here]

Mike again claims their "Software" was running the games, not a SNES - [here]

Chameleon On//Off and Light pipe toolings - [here]

Recap of FB posts by RVGS team in correct order - [here]

RVGS posts update with Clear console pictures - the start of Mikes true downfall - [here]

Note that the image linked in this post was the one that Mike deleted once it was found to be faked - [here]

All images, including the deleted one can be found - [here]

Poster identifies some chips and the board type used in the transparent "prototype" - [here]

Posters identify the correct board used in the now confirmed fake "prototype" - [here] and [here]

Comparison of "prototype" along side the actual board placed inside to fake it - [here]

Coleco addresses the concerns and assigns RVGS 7 days to turn over a working prototype - [here] - Due date should be March 10th.


SD&R's overview of the timeline that brought us here can be found via this link, too.


Since this is an active story and an active thread, consider this post to be a *work in progress* if you have any links I should add, inbox me them and i'll add.