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#3267018 A game I hope you'll like

Posted by cvga on Sun Jun 28, 2015 10:40 PM

I had this idea as I was going through some of my excess games...


I'm going to give away a game (including shipping). The game will be based on how many "likes" this post gets. When this post (#1) fails to add a new like over a three-day period, I'll randomly choose one of the people who "liked" this post and send them their game.


Here's the catch. Since there will be 0 likes when this is first posted, the game won't be very exciting. I'll periodically change the game as the number of "likes" grows. We'll start with Combat but I'll change the game when the post reaches 5 likes. At the end, the winner can choose the current game or any of the prior games that were submitted.






Good luck!

#2333485 Compact 5200 System

Posted by wt808 on Mon Jul 25, 2011 1:26 AM

A while ago I convinced myself that the 5200 mainboard could be reduced to the size of a game cartridge, but still using the original 40DIP ICs and DIP ROM. Last Fall, I gave it a try. Family obligations and the dread of soldering small SMT components put the project on the back burner until a couple of days ago.

It works wonderfully! The mainboard measures 88mm x 108mm and features audio line out and svideo out. Here it is in comparison with a 5200 cartridge. And with an Atarimax USB flash cartridge, shell removed, running Pac-Man off of that cartridge.

Attached Thumbnails

  • 5200c-1.jpg
  • 5200c-2.jpg
  • 5200c-3.jpg
  • 5200c-4.jpg

#3189727 7800 XM update

Posted by Curt Vendel on Mon Mar 2, 2015 5:53 PM



  I see people selling or trading their pre-orders.   Just want those who do this to know that I will contact you when your order is next in queue to ship, if you've sold your XM pre-order, you'll just provide the name & address and email of that person its going to and they'll get an email with the tracking # and the order will ship to them.      I've been at the XM now steady every night addressing things and I have a major update to send to GroovyBee shortly for his review.    Still on track for THIS SPRING to release, no more delays, XM's ship this spring.


Again, those who want to buy one, I'm sure you'll see the buzz here and elsewhere as people get them, post about them and so forth.   I will make announcements of the general purchase date, I am hoping to also work with Albert to also make the XM's for sale directly on AA as well as my store so that people will have multiple places to buy.


 Lets keep the vitriol down to a minimum and lets keep the positive vibes going, I'm back and fully recovered and really jazzed about the XM's being finished and going out, thanks.

#2337256 Star Castle 2600 2011 at Video Game Summit

Posted by Propane13 on Sat Jul 30, 2011 6:58 AM

I don't understand the desire to lock this thread, is it simply because you don't like it?

I shouldn't reply, but I'm going to.
But I'm only going to because I honestly don't think you understand.

This thread feels like one giant troll.
In short, it's "Look-- I made something. You can never have it. Well, you can if someone pays me an insulting price, maybe. But that doesn't guarantee that you'll have it anyway."

Maybe you don't understand the community here. We're a dying breed. As time goes on, this hobby has less and less followers.
We're really far removed from the 80s. A few people have brought new life into the hobby, and one of the cool outcomes was the creation of this site.
It's a place where a few of us who can't get enough of the Atari's heyday can hang out. I remember the Atari 2600 I got when I was 5, and it defined a major part of my life. It led me to be a programmer, and to homebrew a few games of my own. This community has been VERY good to me, so I have always shared what I have with them. But, still, I recognize that times change. The older I get, the more people I meet who have no idea what an Atari was. It's kind of sad.

As there become less and less of us, and as time goes on, this community only grows in respect for one another. I'm blown away by things I've seen.
People on these forums defend each other when attacked by jerks. We are brought together by our love of Atari. Homebrewers share new creations, and people lovingly test their code. New finds are brought forth to keep that flame of excitement from being extinguished. People disassemble old ROMS to find new secrets. There is a lot going on here, but our common ground is love for Atari, and trying to keep this thing alive for as long as we can.

So, why lock this thread? Well, there's a LOT of very good people on here. This isn't an outpost of pirates. It's people who love a hobby. Your initial posts were fearful of that. But, we're the good guys. Our love of the hobby is what brought us together. So, think about this long and hard-- what value is this thread? You're dangling a carrot in front of a bunch of good people. And, they'll never be able to reach it. I know you think that's not true because you've offered a "fair price", or at least fair to you. But, it's not fair to us. Let me explain why.

To the good people here, there are only a handful here or less that could afford your asking price. So, you're putting pressure on a few fortunate souls. They could buy it; sure. If they do, you need to understand that they'll never get their money back from resales. Ever. It's not possible. One-of-a-kind protos usually can recoup a couple of thousand dollars in sales. As I said, it's a dying community. So, whenever one of those people who can afford a prototype has one from "back in the day" come across his or her way, the sell price is typically a few thousand dollars. People in this community have taken THOUSAND DOLLAR LOSSES to "do the right thing". They resell copies to make back their money, but still lose money. We respect those who do that, with our meager 50 dollar contributions. It's history, and those that can afford to do whatever it takes to help.

Forget about the Boxed Air-Raid-- that has special sentimental value to some collectors, and it's a special piece of history, so it doesn't count. Apart from that, a few thousand dollars for a single copy of something is the general norm. It's a price that's fair for the buyer to possibly make their money back in sales (though they usually don't even break even), and to satisfy the programmer for a job well done. So, your price is exceedingly unfair. Most of the community seems to have resolved that they don't care. We don't want to pressure the few that can purchase this take a $25,000 or more loss just to keep people here happy. It's not right. I think even that if you did have a tentative buyer, we'd try to talk them out of it at this point. I don't want anyone putting themself that far out for a game. And, it really is just a game.

You've also done something very wrong by not guaranteeing a ROM release. "It's up to the buyer". Well, thanks a lot. The community here takes a back seat I guess. Let's say some guy here or on ebay did buy it and said not to release. Then you've wasted our time with a story about something we didn't buy and can never play. And, that's a really sad story to put on a website that celebrates and breathes life into Atari. This is your most egregious error.

I don't know where your confusion comes from. Many of us are tired of this, and the points made above are detailed in many posts.

Look, then From one programmer to another, I respect your past and current work.
However, you're not respecting ours. We built this site and community.
We watch out for each other, and we try to be fair to each other.

From this point forward, this thread will be people trying to convince you to lower the price, for reasons above, and to consider full release if sold.
Sounds like you're immovable in that area. So, then what's left to talk about in this thread?
Questions have been answered, and we've seen all that we're going to see.
So, what else could anyone have to say?
And, if people are going to pat you on the back about previous work you've done, do it in another thread.

It's your move. But, if you're just going to sit on this with an unfair price, then you're wasting our time.
You've moved a lot of respected people on this site from curious to angry. That's not a good way to act in this community.
You really ought to think about what your actions are doing. The longer this thread goes nowhere, the worse you're making yourself look.
You're not a contributor. You're not being fair. And, you're wasting the time of the only people that care about this stuff at all.


#3263280 My daughter has left Hospital...

Posted by Mclaneinc on Tue Jun 23, 2015 4:15 PM

I know it seems off topic but its not..


Thank you to all that have been so kind re my daughter Serena who was in hospital after being so close to death from an eating disorder, she finally was discharged from hospital today after 8.5 months in there. Its never been easy but she gave it her all and at times faltered but thanks to her and the hospital folk and hopefully us she soldiered on and overcame her illness.


She kept me focused, she wanted me to keep on with the Atari stuff and enjoyed some of it..


So its with tired but tear filled eye's that I thank you all...



#3061258 New pacman for atari 2600

Posted by DINTAR816 on Tue Aug 26, 2014 1:57 PM

This is a "new" version of pacman for atari 2600 I've been programming since about 2007, but had left in 2008, then in 2013 I resume again to try to finish. 
I've been trying to make it as close to the original looking at various sites on the "AI" Ghosts, game logic, etc. 
This version has nothing to do with the other version called pacman4k, this is a completely new version, do not use any undocumented opcode. 
Currently the rom is about 120 bytes free, so I'm trying to add other things. 
I'll post the rom in the coming days. 
Meanwhile here's a video:
download link to the current version of 8k
download link to the previous version of 8k
download link to the first version of 8k:
download link to the current version (4k):
Older versions:

#3102254 I was trying to get this done for Halloween, but...

Posted by PacManPlus on Thu Oct 30, 2014 4:34 AM

Hi guys:


I started this around the beginning of October along with Trebor, PAC-MAN-RED, and Defender_2600.  Wanted to get it done for Halloween, but it's not anywhere near done yet. :(


I don't have a name for this yet, but it's a Zombie Apocalypse game, where you have to survive the night while being overrun by zombies.


Here are some screenshots of the game for the time being:


0002.png  0003.png  0004.png 0005.png

0006.png 0007.png  0008.png


Coming soon! :)



#3164982 Toki Prototype For 7800 Discovered!

Posted by Willard on Wed Jan 28, 2015 5:49 PM

As per the title, a complete beta of Toki has been found for the Atari 7800.

This announcement is a bit overdue, as it was found several years ago by BuddyBuddies (another AA member) and I on the same test department hard drives as our Lynx discoveries.

It appears to be PAL format and Information on the title screens indicate that it is "Toki Beta 2, Copyright 1993 Atari Corp" which would've made it an usually late release.

Although I've been interested in the 7800 for a little while and have a decent collection of games, we're not very familiar with the 7800 scene so we're starting from scratch in regard to exploring the possibilties of releasing Toki. We are going to try to get the game to the right people and hope to have more information with regard to what can be done with this soon.

For more information on Toki for the 7800, as well as the other titles we discovered on the test department hard drive, please visit our website HERE (where I've already gone through the trouble of organizing the information!).

Other stuff we found on the hard drive include what appears to be some of the latest stuff Atari was working on for the 7800 and Lynx, including Klax (7800), Toki (7800), Hotdog (Lynx), Road Riot 4WD (Lynx), Poker (Lynx), Relief Pitcher (Lynx) as well as an as-of-yet unannounced title.

Below are some screens. Here is the toki specific page of our site.


toki Rls.JPG

#2317803 Space Harrier Released

Posted by Sheddy on Mon Jul 4, 2011 5:34 PM

Sal was a bit quicker with the video than I thought :)

I didn't think the day would come, but I've decided to stop messing about with the game and just release it. Hopefully there aren't too many problems with it...

It's suitable for all XL/XE machines with at least 64K RAM. In the .zip is a MaxFlash cartridge image suitable for emulators. Of course you can also use the cartridge image to program a real 8Mbit MaxFlash cartridge to run on a real machine.

Attached File  sharrier.zip   351.13KB   1594 downloads

#2548468 How about a Kickstarter project - Pitfall 3?

Posted by pitfall1982 on Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:06 AM


This is David Crane. The author of this thread - Byte Knight - tracked me down through a Facebook account that I rarely use. He provided me this link.

Where do I start? First, one poster hit the nail on the head regarding making Pitfall 3… Activision owns the PItfall name, and they have even made a couple of sequels since I left the company in 1987. Pitfall belongs to them because the company was paying my salary when I created it. (Under today's intellectual property laws, the Mona Lisa would belong to Lisa's husband who paid Da Vinci for a portrait of his wife. And Queen Isabella of Spain discovered America - since she paid for the trip.) So, No, I will not be making Pitfall 3. I couldn't if I wanted to.

Second, the 2600. The 2600 has always been my favorite system because of the challenge it provided. But as much as I love it, it is not the best system to make a game. And in my line of work, I believe that the game is more important than the system. SInce you are viewing this thread, you all have a fondness for the 2600 and the games from the early days of video games. And you enjoyed playing Pitfall. I submit to you that it is not the 2600 that made those games great. Sure, the limited hardware forced us to be more creative in making games, and it showed in those early titles. But I have found that those same skills translate into game design regardless of the system. When I am given complete creative control and the time to make exactly the game I want to make, it can be just as much fun to play as Pitfall.

So what system is best? With the right team in place, any modern system has the power to deliver on my vision of what a game should be. And I know what I'm talking about. I have published over 100 games since I started, and I have programmed them on 25 different game consoles or platforms. What is my favorite modern system? I really like the iPhone and iPad, but I will always choose the platform that best complements the game.

Another reason that it would be difficult to make Pitfall 3, even if I had the rights, is because I am always working on new game ideas. I am currently in the design and planning stage of the biggest game project I have taken on in 20 years. You all know now that it won't be Pitfall 3. But on the other hand, this September is PItfall's 30th anniversary. And nobody would be surprised if my new, major game project were to pay homage in some way to the most popular game I ever made.

All is currently top secret. But if you would like to be among the first to learn about the project when it becomes public, go to http://www.JungleVenture.com and submit your email address. You will hear the details at the same time the press is notified. You can also follow me on Twitter @PitfallCreator. I'm not one of the most talkative tweeters, but neither do I announce where I am going to dinner every night. And as I start to leak details on the project, it will probably be there.

But for this group I have to come back to the 2600. I will admit that I still have a certain fondness for the good ol' VCS. In fact, sitting on my desk about 5 feet away as I write this is a PC with a CAD design 80% complete for a super 2600 cartridge that incorporates the best of my DPC chip design and my $FE bank switch circuitry, among other cool features. One day I hope to finish that circuit design and make a 2600 cartridge that would really kick butt. All I have to do is figure out a way to make that project complement my new, big game project rather than causing a distraction.

I'll work on that.

#3255859 Bill Wilkinson in hospital - please >10,000s good healthy to him

Posted by luckybuck on Thu Jun 11, 2015 3:04 PM

Hi together!
Bill Wilkinson is in a hospital, he has some broken bones.
It is not quite severe like in the picture below, but not far away from it.
Therefore, with clicking the like button, you wish him(!), not me:
Get well soon, we are with you all the time and wish you all the best under these circumstances direct from our hearts.


For the younger ones, who do not know him:


What the pope is for the Christian, Bill is for Atari. It is really that simple to say in one sentence.


#2888263 Fighter pilots needed in sector wars...

Posted by PacManPlus on Wed Dec 18, 2013 12:33 PM

... play Astro Blaster!



Happy Holidays everyone!


I've been working on this for a few weeks now, and I'm trying to get it finished for sort of a 'Holiday Gift' to everyone here.  Still needs work, so no bin yet.  But, here are a few screenshots:

snapAstBlstr_00.png snapAstBlstr_01.png

snapAstBlstr_02.png snapAstBlstr_03.png

snapAstBlstr_04.png snapAstBlstr_05.png

snapAstBlstr_06.png snapAstBlstr_07.png



For the purists out there, I copied the sprites directly from the arcade game, as well as the movement tables.  I'm using 320A mode to get the look/feel down. The 'Fuel' gauge is the same as the arcade *divided by three* to fit on the line with the temperature gauge, which is *divided by two*.  All increments / decrements to both gauges have been adjusted appropriately, so they should work exactly like the arcade.


For the most part, the playfield is the same, except that I had to take one zone (i.e. 8 scanlines) away from under the ship (no biggie), and one zone away from the very top of the playfield.  On my TODO list:


- Fix some collision detection when the enemy ships are at the top of the screen

- Finish the movement / placement of the enemies for sectors 4 and 5 (half-way through 4 now)

- Warp Button

- Enemies that drop in certain waves

- Hidden bonuses

- Sound

- Speech


Regarding the 'Speech', I will only implement speech at non-gameplay points (i.e. after losing a ship *2 ships remaining*, when the game has ended *play over*, etc.).  Any other important information (i.e. the Warp countdown) will be written on the screen behind the action.  I do plan to have the attract mode announcement (i.e. the title of this thread).


It was challenging getting (up to) 16 enemies, 6 enemy shots, 1 player shot and the player to update each frame during VBLANK, but I finally did it. Of course, it will use the HSC.


I am hoping to have a BIN ready by next week, On or before Christmas.

Coming soon! :)



*BTW, before someone asks, "Why do you mostly do ports?" - It's because 1) I like to do them, and 2) It's fun to see what would have actually been possible back in 1984-1986.  Now that I've scratched this itch, I can see about a (somewhat) original game I've been thinking about.


Thank you, Trebor, Nathan, Schmutzpuppe and Al for the feedback and testing up to this point. :)

#3169725 Toki Prototype For 7800 Discovered!

Posted by Marc Oberhäuser on Tue Feb 3, 2015 3:58 PM

Great find! I had to do a quick mock-up box :)

Attached Thumbnails

  • IMG_4744.jpg
  • IMG_4745.jpg
  • IMG_4746.jpg

#3019648 The 7800XM

Posted by Retro Rogue on Fri Jun 27, 2014 9:43 AM

The surgery went well, Curt's recovering.

#2694518 Okay... I live for yet another day

Posted by Curt Vendel on Sun Feb 10, 2013 9:23 AM

Hi guys,

Surgery went great last week, been taking it super easy and recovering, still have to relax for a few weeks and take things slow. I have two devices now attached to my mitral valve that have completely closed off the severe leaks that was causing my PA pressure to skyrocket and putting me into congestive heart failure.

Starting to feel better and stronger and going to start this week to perhaps see if I can map some drives to my development computer and setup remote desktop so I can remote into my office and try to do some work on the XM board, I know Mark has been itching for me to finish up a bunch of things and add some corrections and updates to the schematics too, so lets see how things go, it would be great to have the XM's shipping at the end of March, going to see how I can handle getting back into things...

Seeing my cardiologist on Tuesday for followup and to review over the surgery in detail, not totally out of the woods yet, these devices need 6 months to permanently seat and I also have a few other issues which hopefully will be better managed now with the major leaky valve fixed, but I'm on the right track.

Just want to thank everyone for all the positive messages and well wishes, it put a smile on my face and I really appreciate everyone's support...


#3176630 Chimera+ A new enhanced remake of the original game released

Posted by Tezz on Fri Feb 13, 2015 4:47 AM

Hi all,

This is my new remake of Shahid Ahmad's classic game Chimera for the Atari XL XE.

Chimera+ is a complete rewrite of the game from the ground up to create an enhanced version with the goal of optimising performance for faster gameplay, changing the controls and, adding the features missing in the original Atari release. The new version works on both PAL and NTSC machines with a minimum of 48k.

Here's a summary of the new features:

The Spaceman (yes it's not a robot!) is now a masked hardware sprite procedure which means it's also independently coloured from the backgrounds.

The room sprites are now drawn and updated dirty rectangle

The game now has directional joystick movement like the c64 version rather than rotate and walk as the original Atari version had

The gameplay maintains a consistant speed regardless of the size of the room or what is occurring within it.

The rooms all have a new colour scheme designed instead of the ubiquitous shades of the same colour monochrome original

The vocal samples are now featured including the famous scream.

I disassembled and ported Rob Hubbard's c64 music player procedures which I'm playing via Święty/Saint's Pokey SID emulation procedures for the title music and game completion music.

There's a new title screen which is a mix of the c64 and original Atari version

The sound effects have been tweaked and there's no longer a clash of effects during gameplay. The walking and life support ECG sound effect have been changed.

The gameplay screen is slightly larger than the original version

Thanks to Popmilo and Phaeron for their support.

Phaeron has kindly tested the game on various hardware configurations for me. With one 800xl equiped with Ultimate1Mb there was a lockup during the sample playback which wasn't reproduced on other machines or under emulation so that might be due to the Pokey installed in that particular machine. Please let me know if this occurs with anyone elses machine.


To fit all the new features in and keep the game within 48k I've removed the broken Kettle of Fish game. My original intention was to retain Chimera+ running under the OS rom so the new game would be compatible with 48k 400/800 machines. The OS VBL takes up too much time however so the title screen with sid music fell down under ntsc and I needed full control for the sample playback so it was pointless in the end working around the OS rom and memory restriction.


Here's a brief YouTube video. If you're using the Chrome browser you can view the video at 1080 50fps


I'll add a packed version with the loading picture here at some point.

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#3267870 Atari 7800 Woody

Posted by GoldenWheels on Tue Jun 30, 2015 8:03 AM

Because....why not.








I know a real 2600 woody just has a "wood" strip at the front....that was my idea originally, but as we all know, once you get going with woodgrain anything, it can be hard to stop.


If you can measure, mark, and cut straight lines, you can do this if you are interested. All of 10$ invested, and that gives you more than enough vinyl to mess up the job completely once and still have enough left to do it right. And the vinyl peels right off if you get sick of it.


Got the vinyl from here (place has awful vendor ratings but I missed that, my vinyl came fast and they had many cool patterns):



Got the logo from here:


#3139553 Team Pixelboy News Bulletin - December 25th 2014

Posted by Pixelboy on Thu Dec 25, 2014 7:53 AM

Hello ColecoVision fans. :)

I don't have any news to report today per say (I'm keeping the few news tidbit I have for the upcoming news bulletin of January 1st 2015) but I still used "News Bulletin" as the topic title just so people can find this thread more easely in the future.

So anyway, I'd like to wish you all a Merry Chrismas. I hope everyone here gets the presents they hoped for. :)

I'm afraid I don't have any new Team Pixelboy games to release today. I came very close to having Front Line SCE ready, but it didn't work out. But I do have a few Christmas presents to offer, which you can download at the bottom of this post! :D

First present: The ROM of Quest for the Golden Chalice
Second present: The ROM of Princess Quest, with permission from nanochess
Third present: The ROM of Digger, a new ColecoVision game graciously offered by Mystery Man!

Digger is the ColecoVision adaptation of an old PC game, and a clone of Mr Do. Please be advised that the game may still potentially contain some software bugs and is offered as-is.

As a fourth present, I'd like to offer some secret codes which haven't been revealed before, AFAIK:

Quest for the Golden Chalice:

1) Enter 444555 with the keypad at the title screen to unlock Quests 4 and 5. This is the code you receive when you reach the secret screen (the equivalent of the secret screen in Adventure on Atari 2600). Quest 5 is the randomized version of Quest 4, just like Quest 3 is the randomized version of Quest 2.

2) Enter SQUARE (708273) with the keypad to turn the player's character into a smiling square. The game plays exactly the same otherwise. This is also a code you receive when you reach the secret screen.

3) Enter 865336 with the keypad at the title screen, then enter 00 to 53 during the game to warp to any screen. You can also enter 99 to warp directly to the screen where Mardok the wizard is waiting for you, in Quests 4 and 5 (this is applicable to green and red dragon skill levels only). NOTE: You may get bizarre results if you use this secret debug feature in Quests 1, 2 or 3.

4) Sound test codes which you can enter at the title screen:
- 687421: Silence
- 687422: Main music
- 687423: Victory music
- 687424: Easter Egg music
- 687425: Dungeon music

Module Man:

1) Enter 385 at the title screen to activate the debug mode.

2) Enter 777111 at the title screen to unlock the deluxe mode. Deluxe mode offers one extra carryable item (the Magic Glasses) and I'll let you discover what this item does within the game. ;)

3) Enter 222666 at the title screen to access a hidden mini-game!

This concludes this new bulletin. We now return you to your regular Christmas activities. ;)

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#3064241 RGB - a game for the ABBUC Software Contest 2014

Posted by pseudografx on Sun Aug 31, 2014 3:08 PM

Hi everyone,


Let me introduce our game for the annual ABBUC Software Contest 2014.


title.png level1.png gameover.png

Your task is to eliminate all robots in a level by deactivating their RGB components. To deactivate a component, shoot at the robot with a missile that has the colour you want to deactivate. For example, to deactivate a red robot, shoot at him with a red missile; to deactivate a cyan robot, shoot at him with a blue missile and than a green missile (or vice versa); to deactivate a white robot, shoot at him with red, green and blue missiles consecutively in any order. You can change your missiles' colour at the recalibrators or by picking up certain bonuses. There are 8 levels in the game with increasing width and complexity, including the single-screen introductory level 0. When you run out of energy, the game is over.


A stock Atari 8-bit computer with 64 KBytes of RAM and a joystick. Tested on PAL 800XL/XE models. Not fully tested on NTSC.

Code and game concept by MaPa
Ingame visuals, level design, music, sound effects and documentation by PG
Additional graphics (title screen, etc.) and font by Ooz
Betatesting by Fandal, Matosimi and therealbountybob. Thank you!


#3063030 New pacman for atari 2600

Posted by DINTAR816 on Fri Aug 29, 2014 1:28 PM

Well today is Friday, I'm here to post the rom. :D  
This rom is the same as the video only fix two things, one was a mistake in the sound of extra life and the other a small glitch in the lower right corner. 
I have been asked by the size of the rom, as you can see is 4KB, still has no intermission, I'm making music for intermissions too. 
In this version I will put everything that can be done, but later I will make a version of 8K to include all 
title screen with the names of the ghosts, all intermissions, an inteligent flicker, messages of "game over" and "ready¡" etc.


Nice how the dots are different from the wall colours.


Not a 2600 expert here but I'd guess the ball is used for the vertical sections that don't have the gaps, PF is used for remainder which explains the gaps where they're on the same vertical co-ords as the dots.

Some wall sections seem darker, I would guess there is some flicker going on there?  Capture devices and/or YT video can make this sort of stuff hard to work out.

The ball I use for "power pills". In the vertical sections that have no gap is the playfield that changes color in this line twice: begins with the blue color of the maze, then just before the first dot, turns yellow and then change to blue again after the last dot. 


Here is the rom:



Attached File  pacman2600_4k.bin   4KB   951 downloads