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Pi Day

Posted by ubikuberalles, 14 March 2008 · 1,033 views

Today is March 14th. 3/14. Also known as Pi day.

Pi is one of the most important mathematical constants. So important, in fact, that Larry Shaw - known as the "Prince of Pi" - decided to celebrate the number by starting off the "pi day" celebration at San Francisco's Exploratorium. On this day you can eat fruit and pizza pie at the...

More Fun with my Camera

Posted by ubikuberalles, 06 December 2007 · 653 views

Fun With my Camera

In my spare time I've been having some fun with my new $10 camera.

Posted Image

Since my last entry about the camera I've taken another 100 still shots and about 200 or 300 more action shots for gif...

Cheap New Camera

Posted by ubikuberalles, 26 November 2007 · 753 views

On Black Friday I visited Walgreens to get a few groceries. While I was there I found this camera:

Posted Image

How much did it cost? Ten dollars. That's $10! Only ten dollars. OMG! Naturally, I bought it.

Back in March of 2006 I found a cheap...

Laptop Purchase Philosophy

Posted by ubikuberalles, 07 November 2007 · 662 views

Which is the better way to buy a laptop: Buy it fully loaded or get it in a standard (or cheap) configuration and then upgrade it later?

When I bought my very first laptop in 1993, I adhered to the later methodology (buy it cheap), mostly because I didn't have much funds and I didn't want to rack up a huge credit card bill. So I looked through some...

Video Stuff with the Atari 8-bit

Posted by ubikuberalles, 18 October 2007 · 1,050 views

Posted Image

Who needs an expensive Avid system for video editing when you got an Atari? Recently I needed to put a caption in a video recording and so I quickly put together this...

The Easy Way

Posted by ubikuberalles, 23 September 2007 · 562 views

Sometimes the easy way is, in actual fact, the painful way. As in the case with my efforts to install Linux on one of my computers.

Last week my dad gave me his old laptop. It had a 37 GB drive and only about 8 GB was being used by WinXP. My original plan was to Ghost the laptop disk to a second drive, split the laptop disk to two partitions, Ghost the...

Random iThought

Posted by ubikuberalles, 02 August 2007 · 548 views

I was just wondering: if Apple came out with a game console, what would they call it? iGame? iPlay? iBox? iPS? iWii?

The Equations program (Art via Programming)

Posted by ubikuberalles, 24 April 2007 · 489 views

In my previous "Art via Programming" blog entry, I talked about the Circles program which generated pretty pictures via the "X^2 + Y^2" equation. I added different equations to get different results and before long it was pointless to call the program "Circles"....

More Photoshop: The Inside Joke

Posted by ubikuberalles, 25 March 2007 · 1,487 views

A significant amount of my Photoshopping time has been spent on the inside joke: jokes that only me and a small number of people would understand. Most of you reading this blog entry will not likely understand the jokes I'll be posting here but I thought I post them anyway to show off my limited PS skillz.

It Calm the Beef Min

If you are a...

Sad day for old school computer geeks

Posted by ubikuberalles, 21 March 2007 · 543 views

Today I learned that John Backus, the "father" of the programming language FORTRAN, has died. Here's the article on his death.


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