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AtariVox status report

Posted by mos6507, 11 November 2009 · 1,033 views

I'm about to ship out the AtariVoxes I built for the 25th anniversary 7800 project.The problems we were having with the PIC turned out to be firmware-related. So after we got the firmware resolved, I went back and fixed all of the boards that seemed not to work by soldering on the 10-pin headers and reprogramming the PICs with the good firmware. Since then I haven't looked back. I now have, oh, about 75 AtariVox+ boards built, and another 60 in progress. I have enough parts on hand to probably build probably about 100 more at least, except for the Speakjet. Speakjet supplies have dried out through normal channels and I'm going directly to the source now.Pricing has been established and Albert should be starting a label contest soon but I don't want to steal his thunder. So stay tuned.