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Taking a break

Posted by cd-w, 16 September 2012 · 1,655 views

I'm going to be taking a break from Atari 2600 homebrewing for a while due to real-life considerations.   I will still be lurking around the forums, but I won't have any time for coding for some time.   Fortunately the various projects that I have been involved in are in good...

Star Castle Developments

Posted by cd-w, 19 May 2012 · 2,950 views

There has been a lot of buzz recently about Scotts Star Castle kickstarter (just a few days remaining to grab a copy). It has prompted some people to speculate about this effort, so I thought I would post an update of where things are.

This project is still very much alive,...

Star Castle RC1

Posted by cd-w, 12 April 2012 · 7,211 views

Star Castle is basically feature complete now, so here is the first release candidate for testing.

Please note that you must upgrade to the latest Stella 3.6.1

The main changes this time are:
New sound effects by LS_Dracon
Title screen music by...

Star Castle Playable

Posted by cd-w, 18 March 2012 · 5,600 views

Here is another Star Castle update. The game is now playable, although more tuning is required and there are some rough edges.

There are too many changes to list, but some of the highlights:
32 waves of increasing difficulty
More awesome graphics by Nathan - especially the title screen and ring...

Star Castle Update

Posted by cd-w, 13 February 2012 · 2,622 views

Here is a quick update on my Atari 2600 Star Castle port:
  • Awesome new sprites supplied by Nathan
  • Basic sound effects - will improve in future versions
  • Stars in the background
  • 2 bullets on-screen
  • Ring segments turn to dots after 1 hit (disable using Left difficulty switch)
  • Bullets wrap around the screen edges
This version uses...

Star Castle Brainstorming

Posted by cd-w, 20 January 2012 · 3,236 views

Here is another minor update to Star Castle:
The rings can now move at variable speeds - I have slowed them down a bit in this version.
The ring segment now disappear immediately when they are hit.
The rings will regenerate when the outer ring is removed.
The gun will fire projectiles at you when the inner ring is...

Star Castle Collision Detection

Posted by cd-w, 18 January 2012 · 1,652 views

After much head-scratching and code optimisation, I finally have collision detection working! In this version you can shoot the ring segments. For now they only take one hit, but this can easily be changed.

I think I now have all of the pieces necessary to make the game. However, I now need to put it all...

Star Castle Mines

Posted by cd-w, 16 January 2012 · 1,214 views

Here is another small update to my Star Castle demo on the 2600:
  • The mines now follow you around the screen. They will reset to the centre if they go off screen.
  • You can shoot the mines, and collisions between the ship and mines are detected (the screen will flash).
  • Ship rotation is now much slower.
There are still a few issues with...

Star Castle Improvements

Posted by cd-w, 10 January 2012 · 1,561 views

I have made a little more progress on my 2600 Star Castle demo:
  • Ship rotation is slower.
  • Ring colours now match the arcade version.
  • Player bounces off the rings.
  • Centre gun tracks the player position.
The main issue now is collision detection between the bullets and the rings. I haven't yet worked out an efficient way to...

Star Castle Ship Movement

Posted by cd-w, 07 January 2012 · 1,921 views

I have made a little more progress on my Star Castle demo. You can now move the ship around the screen and fire bullets, although there is no collision detection yet. The controls are:
  • Joystick Left/Right - Rotate
  • Joystick Up - Thrust
  • Fire - Fire Bullets
I have been trying to match the ship movement with the arcade version (by...

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