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Star Castle Colour Kernel

Posted by cd-w, 28 December 2011 · 1,571 views

I figured out how to make my Star Castle kernel display in colour. I think this looks much better than the monochrome version posted in my previous blog entry.

Attached Image

The technique was inspired by supercats kernel, but as before I am only using a single sprite to draw the rings. This leaves the other sprite and missile/ball free.

The kernel uses a number of advanced tricks, such as updating the colour registers while the sprite is being drawn. Hopefully it will work on a real 2600 as I haven't tested it outside Stella yet. In Stella, it looks best if you enable the phosphor (Alt-P) mode.

I've included the source code for the curious. Let me know what you think?


Attached File  starkernel2.bin (12KB)
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Attached File  starkernel2.zip (14.44KB)
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This is awesome. Already looking better than that a$$ trying to rape the community. :)

Great Work.
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Lookin good. Will definitely be watching this.
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Wow... great start!
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Looks good. Keep up the good work!!
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Patience folks, patience.. With projects like this underway we'll be playing StarCastle 2600 for free or for a reasonable under $100 price.
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maybe he can charge $15,000! It would be half off! (JK!) :-)
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Looks good on my 4-switch woody.
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Zach - thanks for testing on real hardware.
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But can it make waffles?
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Very nice.
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