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Github and other news

Posted by vdub_bobby, 08 May 2012 · 730 views

STARTED USING Git, and have uploaded the source code to Github.com: https://github.com/vdub-bobby/tankmaze

I'll continue to post updates here, though they might lag what's on Github. For example! The version on github is slightly newer; the enemy tanks have (crappy) AI now!

I'm in...

The Bad Guys

Posted by vdub_bobby, 23 February 2012 · 1,072 views


Not too exciting, really - they just change direction randomly when they hit an intersection. But it's something! :)

Also, your tank...

Destroy Walls

Posted by vdub_bobby, 12 February 2012 · 1,795 views

NOW YOU CAN blow up the walls! Plus I fixed the maze generator so that it (should?) cycle through the 255 possible different mazes.

I forgot to mention this last time (until a late edit), but press RESET to cycle through the...

Now With Mazes

Posted by vdub_bobby, 06 February 2012 · 1,371 views

BEEN PRETTY BUSY WITH RL over the last week, but found a few hours here and there to work out the code to generate mazes programmatically:

To my surprise, I was able to get...

Ready, Fire, Aim!

Posted by vdub_bobby, 31 January 2012 · 944 views

NOW WITH shooting! Also a proper (though lame) maze, sort-of finalized kernel (and sort-of finalized tank graphics), and a glowing base to defend.

In answer to what I think was Thomas' question, right now the maze is hard-coded. If I can come up with a good...


Posted by vdub_bobby, 23 January 2012 · 1,509 views

SO IT'S BEEN A WHILE since I've been very active on AA; but in the last few weeks I have again started some fairly intensive 2600 development. I'm sorry to say, Nathan, that it isn't RPS - which is still on my slow-moving to-do list - but rather a project that I toyed with years ago: a semi-faithful port of...

R.I.P. Kotaku

Posted by vdub_bobby, 08 February 2011 · 1,320 views
Off-Topic Ramblings
NOW THAT KOTAKU.COM has ruined redesigned their website, I'm looking for a different video game news/reviews/opinion site. Something reasonably intelligent, platform agnostic, and comprehensive. Where do you all go for video game news?


Posted by vdub_bobby, 14 January 2011 · 822 views

WHILE I'M HOME SICK FROM WORK I might as well take the chance and try to make some progress on RPS:
Not a lot of changes, but since the previous version was so rough, I thought I'd put this out there.

Cleaned up all scanline counts - now at 270 on all screens and transitions appear to be rock solid. Also got new credits...

R.P.S The 8K

Posted by vdub_bobby, 13 January 2011 · 808 views


Dug up old PMs from Nathan and saw that he had made a title screen graphic for it already, so I added that in:

This required expanding the ROM to 8K, so that's the other thing I did - which was a giant pain, as it always is. :roll: In the process I screwed up all the scanline counts, but I think...


Posted by vdub_bobby, 30 November 2010 · 1,531 views
2600 Game Development
NATHAN has probably given up all hope, but never fear! I am actually working on it, though veeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy slowly...:ponder:

Most of what little I've done so far is simple stuff to help me understand the code better.

I did, however, get one of Nathan's new...