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Number of Kids > Number of Homebrews

Posted by vdub_bobby, 17 September 2009 · 726 views

Baby Kids James

Another Montgomery makes a safe landing. ;)

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James William Montgomery, September 15 2009

For those keeping score at home, that makes five in total:
Danny (with new brother):
Attached Image: dannyjames_sm.jpg

Attached Image: mikey_sm.jpg

Mercy (with new brother):
Attached Image: mercyjames_sm.jpg

And Josiah:
Attached Image: josiah_sm.jpg


Awwww... ;)


Love the look on his face in the first pic - "Get that camera outta my face!"

(And I have a suggestion on evening the score... :ponder: )
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Good to see you have other hobbies too! :ponder:

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Damn, Bob. You're a machine!

My vas was ectomied after just two of them.
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Congratulations!!!!! What a precious little guy. Good looking family too.

All the best,

(My 2nd is in the oven :ponder: )
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(And I have a suggestion on evening the score... ;) )


In about a month I think I'll have time, and the inclination, to start banging away at code again. Things are a little hectic right now, as you might imagine. :ponder:

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Congratulations! :ponder:
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