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Destroy Walls

Posted by vdub_bobby, 12 February 2012 · 1,752 views

NOW YOU CAN blow up the walls! Plus I fixed the maze generator so that it (should?) cycle through the 255 possible different mazes.

I forgot to mention this last time (until a late edit), but press RESET to cycle through the mazes.
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I would be helpful if you wouldn't have to align with the passages 100%. Allowing to be 1 or 2 pixel of would help a lot.
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The way I handled that in Gold Digger was to have the player continue moving until they lined up with the grid (unless they reversed direction). In this case you might also want to have a delay between when the player moves the joystick and when the tank starts moving. The tank would immediately rotate, so the player could quickly move the joystick in the direction they want to fire.
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If you press the joystick at a diagonal you will "slide" along walls until you come to an opening. I considered other options but I thought this worked ok. It isn't set in stone, though.
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What happened to this project?

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Hiatus :(


I hope to get back to it...someday.


Among other projects.

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