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It's only Fair

Posted by Nathan Strum, 16 April 2014 · 83 views
Back on December 9th...
I showed up to work (the Character Animation program at CalArts  - by the way, isn't that just about the worst website you've ever seen? Yes it is.) only to find the hallways abuzz with all sorts of lighting equipment, people I didn't recognize, cases full of gear and… alumni.
Now, alumni aren't unusual aro...

Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Spoiler-free review

Posted by Nathan Strum, 10 April 2014 · 163 views
10:52 PM

Sitting in a theater with two other people (two more went to get snacks) waiting for the 11:00 PM show to start. I'd planned to go to the 10:00, but didn't get out of work in time. So stay tuned for the review - coming later tonight! Looking forward to the film. The reviews have been really positive. I guess I'll know in just over two hours.


iBlog 4

Posted by Nathan Strum, in iBlogs 11 March 2014 · 791 views

I really, really like my iPad Mini . In the year since I bought it, I've used it far more than I ever expected to. So much so, that my iPhone's use dropped way off. I almost never play games on my iPhone anymore (unless it's the only iDevice with me), and only surf the 'net with it if I don't have Wi-Fi access (or again, if the iPhone's all I have with...

Homebrew Art, part 10 - Rainbow Invaders

Posted by Nathan Strum, in Label Artwork 10 March 2014 · 723 views
Label Artwork
Rainbow Invaders (2006)
Rainbow Invaders - my fourth contest win  - is Silvio Mongo's excellent re-imagining of Space Invaders with multi-colored sprites and a ton of power-ups.
While I'm not particularly fond of using Atar...

Homebrew Art, part 9 - Strat-O-Gems Deluxe contest entries

Posted by Nathan Strum, in Label Artwork 09 March 2014 · 748 views
Label Artwork
Strat-O-Gems Deluxe (2006)
Strat-O-Gems Deluxe is John Payson's excellent color-matching puzzle game. I followed it during development and really looked forward to the game's release. But despite how much I liked the game, when the label contest rolled around, I had absolutely no luck coming up with any ideas for it.
When the contes...

Homebrew Art, part 8 - 2005 MiniGame MultiCart

Posted by Nathan Strum, in Label Artwork 08 March 2014 · 745 views
Label Artwork
2005 MiniGame MultiCart (2005)
The 2005 MiniGame MultiCart  - my second for-hire label - is a collection of mini-games. When I say "for-hire", I should probably point out that I get paid in store credit or homebrews. I don't ask for money or r...

Homebrew Art, part 7 - Go Fish! contest entries

Posted by Nathan Strum, 07 March 2014 · 687 views
Label Artwork
Go Fish! (2005)
This was the sixth label contest I'd entered, and with it my three-contest winning streak came to an end. But it was a good run while it lasted. :)
Go Fish! is Bob Montgomery's take on games similar to Intellivision's Shark! Shark!
I started with sketches in Painter. Each element was drawn on a separate layer so I c...

Homebrew Art, part 6 - Warring Worms: The Worm (re)turns

Posted by Nathan Strum, 07 February 2014 · 719 views
Label Artwork
Warring Worms: The Worm (Re)turns (2005)
Warring Worms: The Worm (Re)turns was my first non-contest label. I was asked by Billy Eno to create the label for his update to his earlier game Warring Worms . WW:TWR is sort of like Surround but the playe...

Homebrew Art, part 5 - Ultra SCSIcide

Posted by Nathan Strum, 07 February 2014 · 714 views
Label Artwork
Ultra SCSIcide (2005)
UltraSCSIcide is Joe Grand's update to his classic twitch game SCSIcide .
This was my third contest  win in a row, and I took a completely different approach to this one - photography.
I came up with a...

Homebrew Art, part 4 - Man Goes Down

Posted by Nathan Strum, 05 February 2014 · 753 views
Label Artwork
Man Goes Down (2004 - unreleased)
Man Goes Down is Alex Herbert's excellent, but still unfinished and unreleased platform game. This was the second contest  I'd won in a row. Alex ran into health problems and couldn't get the game finishe...