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And yet another small diversion

Posted by Nathan Strum, 03 October 2018 · 117 views
Video Game Reviews
A couple of things I didn't mention about the mini-arcade games from Super Impulse that I've been collecting :
First, they're sold with keyrings attached. They're a bit too large and impractical to be a keyring though:
Second, they don't have a coin door on the front sticker....

Another small diversion

Posted by Nathan Strum, 18 September 2018 · 123 views
Video Game Reviews
More fun with really tiny arcade games...
Super Impulse just released Galaga, Dig Dug and Frogger, as part of their Tiny Arcade series. I have the first four and really liked them , so as soon as these showed up on Amazon, I grabbed them.
I suppose if I would've waited...

Homebreviews - part 47: Arcade Assault, Vol. 4

Posted by Nathan Strum, 20 August 2018 · 249 views
Video Game Reviews
Well, this brings us to the halfway point of the current crop of Homebreviews! The frequency of these will be slowing down some, as I have other projects piling up that need my attention. But I'll still continue to piece away at the rest of these in the coming months.
Meanwhile, here are two of the best arcade ports ever to grace the 2600. An...

Homebreviews - part 46: Arcade Assault, Vol. 3

Posted by Nathan Strum, 11 August 2018 · 236 views
Video Game Reviews
Now it's the 2600's turn for some arcade action! But the ol' gal has some new tricks up her sleeve, even though two of these games have been on the 2600 in one form or other for over 35 years. And yes... I copy-pasted some of my Scramble review from the 7800 version. Nice to see you're paying attention. ;)
I probably need to make my reviews a littl...

Homebreviews - part 45: Arcade Assault, Vol. 2

Posted by Nathan Strum, 05 August 2018 · 228 views
Video Game Reviews
Bob DeCrescenzo continues to bring your own personal arcade a few steps closer to reality with more classics for the 7800. This time: two games from Cinematronics and three from Stern. (Okay... Scramble was only licensed to Stern. But a link is a link. :roll: )
Armor Attack II
Armor Attack is the classic vector arcade game by Cinema...

A small diversion

Posted by Nathan Strum, 30 July 2018 · 285 views
Video Game Reviews
I picked these up the other day:
There are quite a few of these mini-arcade cabinets on the market. Different manufacturers make their own versions with various games being available. Some are available at Target and other stores, but I decided to pick up these particular ones from Amazon...

Homebreviews - part 44: Arcade Assault, Vol. 1

Posted by Nathan Strum, 27 July 2018 · 255 views
Video Game Reviews
Ever wanted your own arcade at home? Well, it's time to dust off the 7800 again and give it some much-needed lovin'. Here are three classic arcade shooters for your 7800, brought home by Bob DeCrescenzo.
Astro Fighter
Astro Fighter was an early vertical shoot 'em up developed by Data East. It was one of the earliest multi-stage shoot...

Homebreviews - part 43: Paddle Battle

Posted by Nathan Strum, 22 July 2018 · 262 views
Video Game Reviews
It's time to get out the contact cleaner and get those paddles working!
Or is it... ?
Brik (Atari 2600)
Brik by Repixel8 features two paddle-based games on one cartridge. Or rather... one paddle-based game, and one that should have been.
The main game, Brik, is an attempt at an Arkanoid clone. You move a paddle (called...

Homebreviews - part 42: Puzzle Pandemonium

Posted by Nathan Strum, 20 July 2018 · 225 views
Video Game Reviews
One is a puzzle game with colored blocks that you make disappear! And the other is a puzzle game with colored blocks that you make disappear!
Chetiry (Chris Walton, Zach Matley, Fred Quimby)
Full disclosure: I worked on this game, designing the title screen and cut-scene graphics, and creating the artwork for the label, manual a...