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So close...

Posted by Nathan Strum, 20 March 2017 · 242 views
Video Game Ramblings
I used to play Nintendo's Vs. Golf back-in-the-day-when-you-could-actually-play-it-in-the-arcades.
When I got into MacMAME (now 20 years ago!!!!) I picked it up again, and the best score I shot at the time was 59:
That was 13 under par (the course changes, so the overall par change...

Three chips off the old block

Posted by Nathan Strum, 03 March 2017 · 281 views
Video Game Ramblings
Keeping an old 2600 running isn't always easy...
My original 2600 is kind of an odd one to begin with, in that it was a factory reconditioned Sears console, with a light-sixer case, but heavy-sixer insides. Apparently, this is just something Atari did. It makes sense - if they're factory-refurbishing something, they'll put it back into the best, or...

Revenge of the Homebreviews

Posted by Nathan Strum, 10 January 2017 · 310 views
Video Game Reviews
This is what happens, when you don't review any games for over six years .
This is going to take some time. Your patience will be appreciated.

Arrival - Spoiler-free movie review

Posted by Nathan Strum, 07 January 2017 · 166 views
Even though it had... appeared? ...been released? ...shown up? ...landed?  No... that's not the word I'm looking for...
Anyway, even though Arrival first came out in movie theaters back in November, it took me until a little over a week ago to finally see it.
Much to my surprise, there were still quite a few theaters (in the Seattle are...