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Interstellar - Spoiler-free review

Posted by Nathan Strum, 06 December 2014 · 207 views
December 1st, 10:34 PM
Well, since I didn't have any laundry to do tonight, I decided to go catch a late showing of Interstellar. So at the moment I'm sitting in an entirely empty IMAX theater, waiting for the 10:50 PM showing to start. And yes... I know I'm in for a three hour movie that I will keep me here until nearly 2 AM, but that's okay sinc...

Post Clone Wars

Posted by Nathan Strum, 13 November 2014 · 139 views
No no no... Post Clone Wars is not a breakfast cereal. But that would be kind of awesome - a breakfast cereal where all of the pieces looked exactly the same! No odd-shaped ones or broken bits in the bottom of the box, because, you know... they'd be clones.
Ummm... right.
Where was I?
Oh right, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Fun with epoxy!

Posted by Nathan Strum, 08 October 2014 · 399 views

I recently bought several Sony video presentation stands off eBay for work.
As with any eBay purchases, the results were a bit hit-and-miss, especially when it came to packing and shipping. One of the stands was so poorly packed that the camera had broken off, and an entire corner of the base had broken off.


Posted by Nathan Strum, 16 August 2014 · 379 views
To-Do Lists
Another year, another To-Do list. This one's pretty late.
Usually I write these early in the year, but this year there wasn't really much to update. I'd finished up most of the projects on my last To-Do list and decided I wasn't really interested in taking on anything new. This new To-Do list (half-written in January) originally wasn't going...

Let's get lame, boys!

Posted by Nathan Strum, 10 August 2014 · 400 views
"Weird Al's" latest album - Mandatory Fun - may ironically be his last. With this album, Al reaches the end of his 14 album record contract (not including his collaboration with Wendy Carlos for Peter and the Wolf/Carnival of the Animals pt. 2 , which was on a different label). The reason it...

Guardians of the Galaxy - Spoiler-free review

Posted by Nathan Strum, 01 August 2014 · 261 views
Currently waiting in line at the theater with my peeps (okay... I don't actually have any "peeps"... but I am saving seats for a couple of friends...) to see Guardians of the Galaxy. I'll admit I was surprised to hear Marvel was making this into a movie. I was a comic book collector and Marvel fan-boy in the 80's, and even I had never read the GotG comic...

Snowpiercer (?) - Spoiler-free review

Posted by Nathan Strum, 22 July 2014 · 358 views
Yeah... I'd never heard of Snowpiercer before, either. This despite it having a fairly-star-studded cast including Chris Evans (Captain America), John Hurt and Ed Harris.

I think  this film is the reason for a bit of Avengers trivia. In The Avengers' shwarma end-credits scene, Evans is hiding his face with his hand. The reason being, he had grown a...

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