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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Spoiler-free movie review

Posted by Nathan Strum, 29 March 2016 · 289 views
Back on April 8, 2015, I posted a status update about the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser trailer , and my impression at the time was, "Batman v. Superman sure looks... dreary."
Monday night (admittedly, at an 11:15PM showing) I saw BvS in at the ArcLight  theater in Sherman Oaks. This was in one of their biggest thea...

Zootopia - Spoiler-free movie review

Posted by Nathan Strum, 04 March 2016 · 236 views
Animation, Movies
Sometimes, working at CalArts is a good thing. Like on Thursday.
Co-director Rich Moore (Wreck-It Ralph ) held a screening and Q&A session for his latest Disney animated film - Zootopia - which opens in the U.S. Friday. So hey - free sneak preview!
Now, I thought Wreck-It Ralph was excellent , so I was hoping for good things from Zootopi...

It's all about transparency

Posted by Nathan Strum, 01 March 2016 · 267 views
Comic Strips
Remember the days when comic strips would fill an entire newspaper page? Well... here you go!
(Click here for supermassive version ) (1.6 MB)
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