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Homebreviews - part 46: Arcade Assault, Vol. 3

Posted by Nathan Strum, 11 August 2018 · 110 views
Video Game Reviews
Now it's the 2600's turn for some arcade action! But the ol' gal has some new tricks up her sleeve, even though two of these games have been on the 2600 in one form or other for over 35 years. And yes... I copy-pasted some of my Scramble review from the 7800 version. Nice to see you're paying attention. ;)
I probably need to make my reviews a littl...

Homebreviews - part 45: Arcade Assault, Vol. 2

Posted by Nathan Strum, 05 August 2018 · 158 views
Video Game Reviews
Bob DeCrescenzo continues to bring your own personal arcade a few steps closer to reality with more classics for the 7800. This time: two games from Cinematronics and three from Stern. (Okay... Scramble was only licensed to Stern. But a link is a link. :roll: )
Armor Attack II
Armor Attack is the classic vector arcade game by Cinema...