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Homebrew Art - The Index

Posted by Nathan Strum, in Indices 31 January 2014 · 1,394 views

Label Artwork Indices
Four months ago, I set up a gallery of the label artwork I've created for AtariAge, with the intent of including short little descriptions about each project. Sort of like the blog entries I'd done for some of the labels I've worked on, but much, much shorter.
Note the operative word: "intent".
If you've followed my blog at all… you've probably figured out by now that I generally don't write entries that are "short". Except for Artie the Atari. Those are pretty short. But that's because I hate comic strips with a lot of dialog. Like "Cathy". Does anyone actually read all of that stuff? Man, I sure don't.
I think I'm starting to see the source of my problem regarding a lack of brevity.
After getting the artwork uploaded, I started writing the so-called "short descriptions" for each one. The short descriptions started turning into longer descriptions. Then backstories. Then finally more along the lines of full-on blog entries.
So I've decided to move the gallery entries over here instead. There are a few reasons for this:
  • First - the Gallery at AtariAge is very limited. You can add links in the text, but otherwise formatting is almost nonexistent, and editing is a chore. You can only have one image per page, so that precludes adding sketches, concepts, and so forth.
  • Second - very few people were reading it. There were zero comments, and even after being up for four months the "views" counter for some of the images never exceeded ten, and that includes the times I looked at them to check spelling and such. :roll:
  • Third - after all the writing I put into them, they really felt more like blog entries. I didn't like the idea of having my blog split across two different areas (especially one nobody apparently visits), and the entries work better contextually over here.
While the Gallery makes for a nice place to post photos, and the thumbnail view makes for a nice index, in the end it just didn't suit what I wanted to do. So all of my gallery entries will be coming over here, each with their own entry, and in some cases, additional material. This particular entry will serve as the index, and will be updated from time to time as new entries are finished up and published.
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Good idea - I read through your gallery when you first posted it up, but I had completely forgotten about it. Chris
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Same here.

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I should have the first one posted later today. I've also created a new tag for Indices since I have several of them in my blog now. At the moment however, clicking on the tag brings up absolutely nothing. I'm guessing either the blog software is broken, or it takes time for tagged entries to get added to the database. My guess is the former. (I'm still annoyed that Tags don't show up in a nice, alphabetical list with one item per row.)

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That's part of why I switched to categories. They show up one item per row, alphabetized (except for Uncategorized), and have a handy count of entries for each category.
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Unfortunately, I don't really want to slog through hundreds of entries and change them. Too bad their isn't an automated way to do it, but I'm sure that's beyond the blog software's capability.


Far beyond.


Way, way, way beyond. :roll:

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Understandable.  It took me quite a while to convert them.  I doubt I'd do today with the number of blog entries I now have, and you have quite a few more than I do.

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