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Weekend Warrior

Posted by , 18 February 2006 · 964 views

To-Do Lists
Three-day weekend!

Monday is President's Day, where we combine the birthdays of Washington and Lincoln, and use it as an excuse to go shopping.

I mean... reflect on our nation's history.

Okay. Shopping. Or, lazily sit on our butts and enjoy the day off.

Which is what I plan to do. More or less.

Actually, this weekend is a good chance to knock some stuff off my "to-do" list:
  • I'm working on the Juno First sprites, and should have the first pass wrapped up today (I posted a sneak peek here).
  • I have a little work left to do on Ladybug, revising a couple of sprites. Man... that game is seriously looking good. John's doing some fantastic work on it.
  • I want to get pretty far on the label for Four-Play. I have a rough 3-D version of it, but I think I may end up just using that as a template for creating a 2-D label. The 3-D looks a bit sterile. But sometimes you have to try something before you know it's not going to work. So it was time well spent.
  • Create extra-large bitmap graphic for Zach. :ponder:
  • Make up an OS X icon for KrokCom.
  • Maybe start on the Man Goes Down manual, if I can get the text from Albert (time for a PM, it seems).
  • Start on some other label designs.
  • Watch (or tape) an Olympic ice hockey game. Not that I'm a big fan of the sport, but I'll need it later. (Unless John decides to make a Curling game instead.) ;)
  • Watch "This Old House".
  • Purchase and consume one Round Table "All Meat Marvel" pizza (while watching "This Old House").
Well, those last two don't have much to do with Atari projects, but I assure you - they're absolutely essential to the creative process.

No, really!

I tend to get very focused when I'm working on projects, and can sit at the Mac for hours without stopping for a break. This tends to lead to headaches, backaches, and all sorts of other aches. So, I make sure to build-in break times when I know I'm going to be working for a long time.

Plus... it's pizza. C'mon. You gotta have pizza.

And if you haven't checked out batari's port of Atari's Super Bug yet, he just posted an updated version with new bug graphics that I created for it in his blog. Cool game.

Posted Image

But, man... what's up with all the bug games lately? ;)

So far, so good:
  • Juno First sprites - done!
  • "This Old House" - watched!
  • Pizza - half-eaten! (which reminds me... it's lunchtime - time for the other half)
  • Ice hockey - well, I channel-surfed past it. The women were curling again. What can you do?
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And then...
  • Revised the Ladybug sprites that were, well... "bugging" me ;)
  • Got the Four-Play label about 80% done, just waiting to hear back from Zach before I continue working on it
  • Albert sent me the text for the Man Goes Down manual, and I came up with (hopefully) a pretty cool idea for it
  • Got started on the large bitmap for Zach
Not too shabby of a weekend. I didn't get to work on the KrokCom icon, but there's always next weekend. And there's still plenty of Olympic hockey left to tape... I mean, watch. :)
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Continuing from last weekend:
  • Got the OS X KrokCom icon done
  • Finished the bitmap for Zach (actually I got that done last week)
  • Watched (and taped) some of the medal games for ice hockey
Zach approved the Four-Play label, so I'll work on finishing that up soon. And I'll probably get started on those other labels and the Man Goes Down manual next.
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And a way-cool KrokCom icon it turned out to be :)

Think I'll knock out an update this week that uses stella.pro to auto-detect cartridge types.
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Thanks - it was fun revisiting the Krokodile character. ;)

This is what the finished KrokCom icon looks like:
Posted Image

OS X can have up to 128 x 128 icons, although there are also several hinted sizes to help it scale more cleanly. I used Photoshop to create the icons and masks, and Iconographer to put it all together.

And here's the sketch I worked up for it:
Posted Image

Although the icon turned out nice, there's always something lost in the translation from the original sketch to the finished artwork. :)
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Although the icon turned out nice, there's always something lost in the translation from the original sketch to the finished artwork. :)

The Roughness? Or Rawness? ;)
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Well, the spontaneity of it is one thing that gets lost.

There's almost a sense of movement to rough sketches, as if there's more "life" to them. By the time it gets all cleaned up, that liveliness tends to be diminished.

I've seen this a lot in animated films. The pre-production sketches and storyboards are always more dynamic and interesting looking than what ends up on the screen. But that's a necessity of the process - sketches are very individual, and animation is collaborative, so there has to be a watering-down of that dynamism in order for everything to look consistent.
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So far, so good:

  • Juno First sprites - done!

The Juno First sprites that you created look great! Hopefully I will be able to post some code in my blog soon which shows them in action.

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