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Gotta pay for it somehow

Posted by Nathan Strum, 18 August 2017 · 227 views

Comic Strips

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Sorry "Atari", being stupid is Not the answer!


Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar!

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Here's how Atari should have responded to the ad:


"Dear Nestle,


We thoroughly enjoyed seeing your recent TV commercial featuring a family enjoying a Kit-Kat themed Breakout-style video game.


Atari has been about families enjoying time together ever since we were founded over 40 years ago, and we think this is a terrific use of Breakout, and a great way to promote both of our brands.


We would love to work with you to further this, by collaborating on an online version of the game featured in the ad, produced jointly by Nestle and Atari.


We're happy to have you continue to use Breakout in your advertisements - we just ask that a small line of text be included, crediting Breakout to Atari.


Thank you for your time, and for remembering Breakout!




People who are obviously not running Atari right now"

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"Dear Nestle,
so you somehow learned about "emotional triggers". Rest assured that we still consider you the 2nd most evil company in the world, right after EA. Whatever you do to commercialize water won't top what they just did to Mass Effect.

Video Gamers Worldwide."
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"PS.: We never liked the original KitKat, but you're onto something with the "chunky" version."

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