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What's this? A short blog entry?

Posted by , 13 October 2005 · 736 views

To-Do Lists
A few quick things (well... quick to type them up anyway):
  • The RPS label is done! Billy really liked the final artwork, and plans to get back to working on the game soon.
  • As a side note, Billy also had me create some new sprites for the game. So I'm anxious to see how they work out.
  • Speaking of sprites, the next 2600 project I need to work on are some sprites for Manuel's port of Colony 7. (Thought I forgot, didn't you Manuel?)
  • After that, I'll be coloring Jess Ragan's artwork for his 2600 game Solar Plexus. And for that project... I have something a little different planned. Stay tuned. :)

Hi there!

(Thought I forgot, didn't you Manuel?)

No, actually not :x

You sounded pretty busy in your last entries, so I thought to wait some more before sending a reminder :sad:

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