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Cheat your way to victory!

Posted by Nathan Strum, 21 April 2011 · 640 views

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In my Cave In review, I'd mentioned that I'd made maps of the game to work my way through it.


I completely neglected to post them, and I was recently asked to, so here they are. There's a non-spoiler version which is just a map of the main caves. It can help you get around from place to place easier, but won't show the hidden areas:


Attached File  cave-in-map-no-spoilers.pdf (551.34KB)
downloads: 110


And there's also a spoiler version, which shows the entire cave, plus has labels showing where everything is located:
Attached File  cave-in-map-spoilers.pdf (701.25KB)
downloads: 115


As near as I can tell, the spoiler version is complete, although I'm not sure about one room. But given the vastness of Cave In, it's entirely possible I missed something, or many things.


I strongly recommend though, that you take the time to map the game out yourself (and just use these to compare your results after you finish it). When I played it, that's where a lot of the fun came from.


If you're stuck, I'd suggest checking out some of the documentation posted in the Cave In development forum thread. The earlier version of the manual posted there does a nice, concise job of spelling out what you need to do to win the game, without telling you how to do it.