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Back in the Seattle (again)

Posted by Nathan Strum, 12 August 2011 · 1,430 views

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I just got back from a nice, long vacation in Seattle. I never took a vacation last summer (it was insanely hectic at work), so it was nice to catch up on rest and relaxation for a few weeks.

It was also a good opportunity to recharge my creative batteries, which frankly, had pretty-much run dry. I've got several homebrew projects I should be working on (labels and graphics), so I'm hoping now to be able to get back to them in all earnestness, and with renewed vigor.

Just as soon as the post-vacation depression lifts, that is. Because man - is it ever a drag being back. :sad:

Seriously, with vacation scenery like this... can you blame me?

Posted Image
(Taken from the Ocean Crest resort, Moclips, WA)

Yeah... that's what I'm talking about...
Sorry. Lost in thought there for a moment.

Besides relaxing and visiting with friends and family, vacations are always an opportunity to discover weird and cool stuff I overlook during my normal rut routine.

To wit, these cool little Pac-Man candies, which I had no idea existed:

Posted Image Posted Image

They come in nice little tins, and given the theme of Pac-Man, make a perfect tie-in to the brand. Plus, the tins are nicely designed - they keep the retro look of the original sprites, without any cartoony embellishments. I suppose you could even role-play with them as toys if you wanted to.

But that would be weird. :ponder:

I just have them on a shelf. Too bad they didn't have all of the ghosts in different colored tins (maybe different flavors), but it's still a pretty cool idea, and something I was very surprised to find, in a world where this is all-too-often the sort of thing you see on store shelves:

Posted Image

And no, I didn't buy those. I have some standards. :roll:

My son likes the various Mario branded/themed candies.
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Hey, we have scenic beaches in California too! But I totally understand: I love visiting Seattle as well.
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Southern California beaches (that I've visited) just aren't to my liking. Scenic - yes. Pleasant? No. Most SoCal beaches are fairly steep, with soft, squishy sand that's hard to walk in, and wayyyy too many people. You're always tripping over someone, or having someone step right in the middle of whatever tiny little patch of sand you've managed to carve out for yourself.

The beaches we were at were dead flat, with compacted sand (perfect for walking), and on a busy weekday you might run across a dozen people. Nice. Quiet. Peaceful. Calming. The antithesis of Southern California.
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