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If only real movies were this good...

Posted by Nathan Strum, 27 February 2012 · 1,787 views

I'd pay eleven bucks to go see this... plus snacks:


Or this one.

Give 'em an Oscar for Best Disregard for Coherence! (Black Hitler on an Meteor? :? )

Anyway, the thing that stood out for me the most was that Debbie Gibson song I haven't heard in about 20 years.
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But if you think about it logically... who else would be riding a meteor?

Anyway, I've seen less coherent films. And this is just the trailer, so I'm sure a full-length motion picture would clear up everything very neatly. :roll:
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Now you've got me curious about what could be less coherent, 'cause Movie the Movie made Porky in Wackyland look like a meticulously planned epic fantasy.

(Don't get me wrong. I love Porky in Wackyland.)
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This. Admittedly, not a movie, but certainly less coherent.
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Thanks for the Monkees show, Nathan.

I think what bothered me about Movie: the Movie is that they subverted the movie trailer format and jumped right into a mind screw without any notification or warm-up.

Of course it's OK if our tastes vary. You're not alone. Last time I checked there were 44,395 likes on YouTube.
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I just thought it was funny. Never analyzed it beyond that. :)
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