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Spending $50...

Posted by Nathan Strum, 23 May 2012 · 712 views

Comic Strips
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Or he could buy a Star Trek pizza cutter. And a pizza.

But for those (like me) who dug the first two installments of Carmageddon, here's a link to their Kickstarter page.

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Or, like I did today, he could fill up his Subaru with gas. :roll:

Man... that stuff is expensive.
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Carmageddon just reached its funding after 20 days - 10 days early. They've also added a "stretch" goal to hit $600,000 in order to commit to a Mac and Unix port of the game.

I'm kind of bummed that wasn't part of the original plan, actually. Here's hoping they'll be able to do that anyway, even if they don't hit $600,000. I'll admit I'm less inclined to put money into a game I'd never otherwise play (read: Windows only). But if it looks like they're going to get close before Kickstarter ends, I'll kick in a pledge. If they don't make a Mac version though, the buy-in becomes kind of useless.
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