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Artie the Atari - The Lost Episodes

Posted by Nathan Strum, 08 July 2013 · 873 views

Comic Strips
Okay... these aren't so much "lost" as "procrastinated".

I had written and nearly completed these strips almost two years ago, as the conclusion to the "100th episode spectacular" storyline.

To recap: consoles began mysteriously disappearing. It turned out that Evil Artie was responsible, having assembled a massive army of zombie E.T. cartridges from the Alamogordo, New Mexico landfill. What was Evil Artie's plan? Where was he taking his army? What happened to all of the kidnapped consoles? Could anyone stop him? What was the deal when Clu thought he could take his army into the real world in Tron: Legacy? Wouldn't they all just end up crammed into Flynn's tiny little office beneath the arcade?

Actually, that would've been pretty funny. Especially when they sent the tanks through, and everyone's smooshed up against the walls like in that one Star Trek episode with the overpopulated planet, and Clu keeps yelling for them to stop, but they just keep coming though and getting more crowded... and... um...

Sorry. Got off track.

Anyway, back to the comic strips.

The story just ended there. For whatever reason, even though the conclusion was completely written and the strips were almost finished, I never posted it. I didn't publish another strip until over a month later, and Artie didn't reappear until about a month after that, with no reference to any of it.

So, since today marks Artie's 150th episode, I figured I probably ought to go ahead and finish up the conclusion, albeit 49 episodes late. So... just pretend the next four episodes happened right after episode 100. :roll:

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