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I Love Useful Videos on the Internet

Posted by Random Terrain, in Personal_Stuff, Xbox 360, Internet_Related 15 January 2014 · 726 views

Seems like there is a video on the Internet to help with almost anything you can think of. Around a week ago, I used this video to help me replace a bathroom fan:

Over a year ago, the controller that came with my Xbox 360 developed a squeaky trigger and one of the thumbsticks got damaged when I dropped it while stretching with the controller in my hand like an idiot. I finally got around to buying a new one in November of 2013, but the store didn't sell white controllers anymore. The one for my PC is black and I wanted a different color for the Xbox 360. My only choice was camouflage.
The game I was playing required almost constant movement of the thumbsticks, so I didn't notice that the right stick was moving to the left by itself until it was too late to return it to the store. I bought a Torx T8 tamper proof screwdriver and watched the videos below. Now my white controller has new thumbsicks and new triggers with new springs:


If it wasn't for videos on the Internet, I wouldn't have been able to install a replacement bathroom fan, my white Xbox 360 controller would still be damaged, and my camouflage controller would be a useless paperweight. I love useful videos on the Internet.
Random Terrain

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