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Do You Have an Amazon Wishlist? Make Sure People Can Send You Gifts.

Posted by Random Terrain, in Internet_Related, Personal_Stuff 06 June 2017 · 459 views

Amazon Wishlist Cant send gift from wishlist Only my address is listed

I got an e-mail from a friendly person today. They couldn't send me a gift from my Tip Jar Wish List because the address was blank. I went Googling for the answer and found out from an Amazon forum that an Amazon Wishlist shipping address is blank by default. You have to click on "List Settings," then click on "View Details," then change the shipping address from "None" to an existing shipping address or a new one.
If you are one of the many people out there who's been wondering why nobody ever sends you a gift from your Amazon wishlist, it's probably because you didn't know that the shipping address was blank. Maybe things will change after you update it.
Looks like updating the settings doesn't do a thing for gift cards that can't be put directly into the person's cart. I deleted the gift cards from my wishlist and replaced them with actual products.
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