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Control the Volume of Your DVR

Posted by Random Terrain, in Useful_Info 30 June 2009 · 4,859 views

Control the Volume of Your DVR

It might also work with other DVR remote controls, but specifically if you have a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300 DVR remote control (1056B01) from your cable company and you want to control the volume using the DVR, not your TV or any other device, here's how to do it.

First, open your general settings (usually by pressing the Settings button twice on your remote) and move down the list to Audio: Volume Ctrl. Change it to Variable (if it's already set to Variable, you don't have to change anything). Most help on the Internet that I have found stops right there with no mention of the volume lock that you need to disable.

According to pages 15 and 16 of the user's guide that came with my remote, unlocking your DVR volume control is simple. Just do the following 4 easy steps:
  • Press the CBL button once.
  • Press and hold the SETUP button until the CBL button blinks twice.
  • Enter 9 9 3 using the number buttons. The CBL button will blink twice.
  • Press VOL- once and the CBL button will blink four times.
That's it. You're done. From now on when in CBL mode, pressing VOL+, VOL- or MUTE will control the volume on your DVR.

You can read more here:


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