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Bad News Everyone: My Brain is Not Going to Explode

Posted by Random Terrain, in Personal_Stuff 14 April 2011 · 728 views

Went to the doctor today and he said there's nothing to worry about. The squeezing feeling and headache that isn't quite a headache isn't caused by brain swelling. He said it's post-traumatic headache.

So for those who were wishing that my brain would explode and ooze out of my nose, mouth, and ears, it's not going to happen (at least not from this). I could always decide to snort Pop Rocks, Mentos, and Diet Coke, so don't give up hope.

Random Terrain

If it ever does, grab a video camera and post it on YouTube (not that I'd like to see it, but it would be cool to watch. And gross.)
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Damn.. I just lost my bet.

Erm.. Yeah, did I say that aloud? :o ;)
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