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Finally done with a major web site update

Posted by Random Terrain, in Personal_Stuff, RandomTerrain.com 22 August 2012 · 652 views

It felt like I was never going to finish, but thanks to Dreamweaver CS6, I finally got it done. I had to copy and paste the content from my pages to new pages and do a bunch of other things, including combining two style sheets and eliminating old CSS classes that I no longer use.

I've been looking over some of the pages to see if I missed anything and I already found a few things that needed to be fixed. It will probably take a few more days to go through the rest of the pages, but the update is done for the most part.

Now I can play a little Xbox 360 to celebrate, then it's back to work on the Atari 2600 history pages. That's what I started working on before I got distracted with the web site update. I'll be converting scans of magazines and newsletters to text. Then I'll be able to do a text search for any game or company name, saving me a lot of time and eliminating eyestrain (no more looking over scans repeatedly in search of what I need).

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