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I suck at sprites.

Posted by Mord, 22 March 2015 · 163 views
7800basic, sprites
So while trying to do up semi-humanoid characters, I realized I suck at doing this. More than I anticipated that is. So, let's just BS an armless blob of a monster with stubby feet and call it the hero!  It's going to be "fun" trying to figure out what this guy's powers are going to be. XD
Going to be more fun trying to figure out what kind of...

Horizontal Scrolling

Posted by Mord, 07 March 2015 · 130 views
So a week overdue, and I only really made progress on the horizontal scrolling. I didn't add in solid wall type things yet as I was trying to fix up bugs and the like. You'd be surprised at some of the weird things that would happen...
Going to clean the code up later today, but first, must sleep....
Now that sleep is over, I'v...

Random Updates

Posted by Mord, 26 February 2015 · 104 views
7800, 7800Basic, Vocaloid, SoNiKa and 1 more...
Admittedly, I tend to post random updates on my Livejournal account far more often than on here. Which is questionable in preferences given probably more people browse this blog, even accidentally!
Anyway, it seems I've been swallowed up by 7800Basic. Started looking through it's sample programs and reading over RandomTerrain's online guide for i...

New Computer Project

Posted by Mord, 04 June 2014 · 227 views
Sharing a post I made to Livejournal just to potentially get more responses. I'm mostly just looking for suggestions and opinions at this stage, I'll be doing my own research throughout the summer anyway before I start trying to buy components likely 1/month.

And now for something completely different.

Posted by Mord, 17 April 2014 · 164 views
circusP, shatter, vocaloid
So like, I've been listening to a lot of vocaloid and utauloid music lately. :P
And so, since I've been thinking about trying to get my own projects back in order and to try to use this blog regularly again, I figured this is as good an excuse as any to learn how the media tag works. Here, listen to a song by CircusP. :P


Posted by Mord, 14 February 2013 · 300 views
I seem to have started regaining a desire to make the 2600 Do Stuff.Most likely I'm going to try to start from scratch on the whole Action RPG/Maze Realms idea. Trying to get the old program to do anything new generally resulted in a lost month of bug fixing with nothing done.Dasm and crimson editor is installed again, and I've re-bookmarked the o...

Close to a Year

Posted by Mord, 06 May 2012 · 293 views
You know I had almost forgotten about having a blog on Atari Age. It's not from the lack of visiting the site, as shown by my string of posts in the 7800 and Modern Gaming forums.

My Livejournal isn't doing much better for activity however, if that's worth anything. ;)

Don't really have much to say this time either as I haven't been...

Minecraft: Main Base

Posted by Mord, 18 June 2011 · 534 views

Seems most of my gaming went off the table once I managed to fix up Minecraft so it would technically work on my comp. (The black screen bug affects it, so I ended up having to delete the .minecraft folder and redownload the modified client launcher.)

Still, even with that out of the way I have to keep fog up high to have any chance at an acceptable frame...

Riiiiise from your gra...well, box really.

Posted by Mord, 19 February 2011 · 378 views
computers, qbasic
I've recently taken the 486 computer I've had in storage since 2004 and put it back together.

For the most part, it works! Well, as much as it ever did. The only thing of note is that the left ALT key on the keyboard doesn't seem to function. I'm not sure if there's just something wedged under it or if it's outright broken....

Dang, been a while since I posted here.

Posted by Mord, 01 October 2010 · 289 views
Granted, I still post on my Livejournal a bit more regularly.

Been starting to buy games for the Wii/360/PS3 generation even though I still don't own either of the systems. I know I'm going to end up getting them eventually so what's a prepurchase here and there amirite?

To this end, almost all of the games I've been buying are in the >...

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